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Credit Card Balance Transfer at Best Bank Rates

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Review credit card deals designed for credit transfer and apply online.

Are you carrying large balances and wish to pay them off in the shortest time possible? Then a balance transfer credit card can help you repay big debts and save money on interest. Move the balance you owe onto a new card that offers lower bank rates on the debt you already have and pay down your balance on good terms!

These Credit Offers are Only for People with Excellent or Good Credit History.

Have Bad or No Credit History? Fair Credit?

  • A real line of credit for people with limited or no credit.
  • Earn rewards on all purchases, every day. Rewards won’t expire.
  • Help strengthen your credit with responsible card use.
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  • Fair Credit History? Apply or pre-qualify for a credit card today!
  • Earn great rewards or simply build your credit with responsible card use!
  • Monthly reporting to major consumer reporting agencies and 24/7 access to your account.
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  • Transfer and pay off your debt at 0% Intro APR on Balance Transfers; ongoing variable APR applies after that.
  • There is a balance transfer fee.
  • Earn cash back or point rewards on all purchases. Rewards won’t expire.
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Everyone understands what mistakes can lead to heavy debts but there are few people who know how to recover them. To pay down a big balance on a card with high interest rates is a challenge even for the most responsible holders. Why pay more when you can find online applications with lower rates and pay off your debts easier and faster! Review balance transfer deals that offer 0% intro interest rates within 12 and even 15 months, and low ongoing rates on balance transfers and new purchases.

As soon as you decide which balance transfer offer suits you best, you may start searching through top balance transfer applications online. Before making your choice, take your time to read the fine print of the contract carefully to avoid any misunderstanding. Make sure you can take advantage of the rates and terms on the balance transfer deal you've chosen.

These credit cards are quite profitable but still there are some things to consider before submitting your online application. You should pay attention to such items as the duration of the introductory period and interest bank rates. Most companies offer balance transfer deals with an introductory period from 6 to 12 months within which you can enjoy 0% intro APR or low fixed interest rates. 0 interest rates give you a great chance to cut or at least reduce massive balances to the smallest amount possible. Keep in mind that the longer introductory period your balance transfer deal offers, the more chances you have to manage your principal and pay off your debts.

One more thing to pay attention to is the ongoing interest rates after the intro period expires. Most balance transfer deals come with 0% intro rates. These deals are considered most beneficial when it comes to balance transfers. But make sure that ongoing interest rates will not jump too high after the interest free period expires. Some balance transfer deals offer great rewards schemes. Do not lose your chance to make the most of your shopping and earn great rewards after repaying your debts.

Shop around to find a proper balance transfer offer that will let you improve you FICO score and benefit from low interest rates. Moreover, cutting off your debt and raising you score rating will open the gateway to all credit card applications available on offer.

Once you have chosen the right balance transfer deal, feel free to fill in an online application. And don't worry about frauds and risks, as all lending companies use the most innovative fraud protection systems for online credit deals.

Glimpses of cashless market history

More and more financiers speak about the modern tendency to cashless economy. Nowadays credit cards are replacing gradually cash on market. Americans use plastic money everywhere - in shops, cafe and restaurants, to reserve a room in a hotel, to buy tickets, etc.

But do you know that there are other forms of cashless market. For instant, trade beads in Africa. Now this "currency" is used only in illiterate African tribes, but only half a century ago this kind of money was in common use in West Africa.

Trade beads (or Slave Beads) were decorative glass beads used especially in Medieval Century as a currency to exchange for gold, goods and slaves. These beads were invented in Venice to ease the passage of European ships across the African continents.

Slave (trade) beads were so popular among Africans that hundreds of ships with these beads came in Africa.

First of all, trade beads were exchanged for slaves as well as for ivory, gold and other goods desired in Europe and around the world. The success of this form of currency can be explained through the high value that African people put upon decorative items. Africans often used beads for currency, and wealth storage, and social status could be easily identified by the quality, quantity and style of beads worn. That's why trade beads were so popular in Africa.
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