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Home Improvement Credit Card Top News about Credit Cards!
2009-01-15 02:44:14

Credit Cards for Home Repair and Flat Renovation

Home improvement events are often associated with big expenses, some being unexpected and baffling. But a desire to redecorate your home according to the latest style trends makes you assign special funds or search additional sources of financing.

A great tool to help you in your home improvement attempts is a special rewards credit card which does not only provide with the money needed but also awards you points or cash back for repair-related purchases. So, when next time you go to a hardware store for home repair tools, make sure you do not forget to take your plastic.

Home improvement rewards may be found on any major bank card that offers points or cash back. Before the credit crunch, the most generous rewards programs came with specific deals such as those from Chase (Chase Home Improvement Rewards Credit Card), Citibank (Citi Home Rebate Platinum Select MasterCard) and American Express (The Nest Credit Card from American Express). Due to great revenue losses and tighter credit, these offers were rolled back and are no longer available.

But you could find an equal value substitute with Discover Card Company which deals are no less attractive in point of home improvement rewards. Particularly beneficial is Discover More Card-Clear offering a really high cash back bonus in such purchase categories as travel, home improvement, groceries, gas, movies, restaurants and many more. What does surprise about this plastic is its very competitive APRs, 0% intro rates and no annual fee. Compared to some of the top travel rewards deals (most having annual fees and higher than average APRs), this card is a real treasure. If you plan to work on your home this spring, Discover More Card-Clear is a must to apply online for. Among its other valuable benefits that may attract you are the 0% intro APR on balance transfers and 25-day grace period. You may use the opportunity to transfer your current higher APR balances onto this card online and pay them off for free. The grace period gives you the number of days to pay off your home improvement purchases without any interest applied.

How do you accumulate and use the rewards? Just use your plastic at any major home improvement store such as Home Depot or Builders Square and earn 5% cask back on each purchase. At the end of each billing cycle you can redeem the cash back earnings for direct deposit to your bank account or a check. Want to maximize the earnings? Redeem your cash back bonus for gift cards from Brand Name Cashback Bonus Partners which include some home improvement shops, restaurants and many more. The gift card may be used for your next home improvement purchase or offered as a present to your relatives or friends.

If you prefer another issue, you may look for cash back credit cards from American Express or Capital One Bank. Most of them offer rewards on all purchases, so you can as well save and earn on home repair expenses.

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