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Android-Based Businesses Gain Access to Popular Payment App

[Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015]

Businesses looking for a new mobile payment technology to run on Android devices can now useglobalVCard to process payments. The app was previously available only via Apple iOS.

The globalVCardapp was developed in 2011. In 2014, companion product globalVCard Spend Secure was launched, allowing users to control corporate credit accounts from their mobile devices. After that launch, according to globalVCard managing director Jason Kolbenheyer, consumer demand for an Android version of the app increased. Kolbenheyer attributes this to the increase in mobile payments between 2011 and 2014.

CNET reports that Android-enabled smartphones continue to be the most commonly used mobile phones in the UnitedStates. Samsung, HTC, LG and Motorola smartphones all use the Android operating system. Now all these users can download the globalVCard app, which offers the following capabilities:

Issuing credit card payments via single-use virtual card numbers that expire when the transaction is complete. This eliminates the risk of fraud due to leaking of account numbers.

  • Controlling virtual and plastic corporate purchasing cards, including the ability to adjust spending limits for employees and approve or deny cards.
  • The ability to monitor employee spending, put limitations on use by blocking specific merchant codes, and immediately approve or deny requests for more funds.

The globalVCard app is free for businesses that are customers of globalVCard. It can be downloaded via the iTunes app store or the Google Play website.

CSI Enterprises provides companies with variety of payment services

 The globalVCard is a product of CSI Enterprises, a payment solutions company founded in 1989. The company provides businesses with corporate purchasing cards, business fleet gas and maintenance cards, and mobile payment solutions. Their products are designed to help companies track and control spending, reduce costs, and increase profits in the areas of accounts payable, business travel spending, and gas purchases.

Companies can go to paperless payments by using globalVCard, which lets them issue virtual paychecks with MasterCard payments.

Companies get monthly cash back rewards for all transactions made via virtual card. The monthly rebate is equal to 1% of the total virtual card transactions for the month. Other options, such as the globalVCard payment network and eCheck services, are available for vendors who will not accept MasterCard payments. There is a fee for eCheck, which sends a paper check to those individuals and companies who continue to require one.

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