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4 Easy Ways To Earn More Credit Card Rewards

If your friends are jetting off on fabulous vacations, staying in fancy hotels, and stockpiling gift cards to give as gifts – all courtesy of the frequent flyer miles they’ve accumulated through their credit cards – you might be wondering how you, too, can take advantage of these great deals and earn more credit card rewards.

If you’re not using your rewards credit cards to their full potential, you’ll be glad to know that there are a few easy things you can do so start earning more points, miles, or cash back today. Here are four ways to maximize your rewards-earning today:

1. Apply for a credit card with a sweet signup bonus. Many of the best rewards come when you first get a new credit card. You might be eligible to receive enough points for a round-trip plane ticket, a hundred dollar gift card, or a VIP upgrade at your favorite hotel chain. Make sure to spend the required amount within the first three months of having the card, as this is usually the way these cards work.
2. Use your card to pay for everyday expenses. If you only use your credit card in a pinch, paying with cash or a debit card for most of your purchases, you might want to rethink your payment method. The more you use your card, the more rewards you’ll earn, as you get points or miles for every dollar spent, or a percentage of your total spending as cash back.
3. Take advantage of rotating categories – and don’t forget to sign up. Credit cards that give you 5% back in certain spending categories that change each quarter will generally require you to sign up for each bonus period. You can do this online or on the phone, but make sure you do it. Then be sure to spend up to the maximum allowed in the allotted category during the promotion, to get the most possible rewards.
4. Have multiple rewards credit cards. Don’t just stick to one rewards card; get one for each possible use. For example, a co-branded airline rewards credit card will pay off the most when you’re purchasing plane tickets, but you may want a cash rewards card that gives a bigger percentage back for grocery trips and fuel fill-ups.

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You can consider any gas credit card issued by a major bank. The cards are accepted at most gas stations. If they have a rewards program you will also be able to earn rewards on your purchases including gas purchases. To get approved for such card you should have at least fair credit history.   […]

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I have a Shell credit card. I received a letter sometime ago about now getting 10 cents a gallon up to $10 each month. Last month I used 100+ gallons THE MONTH before and did not receive ANY MONEY DISCOUNT ON MY BILL PLEASE EXPLAIN.

Just to let you know, we are not a credit card issuing company. Please contact your credit card issuer directly and find out more about the rewards you are talking about.

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