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Rewards Credit Cards Tips

4 Easy Ways To Earn More Credit Card Rewards

If your friends are jetting off on fabulous vacations, staying in fancy hotels, and stockpiling gift cards to give as gifts – all courtesy of the frequent flyer miles they’ve accumulated through their credit cards – you might be wondering how you, too, can take advantage of these great deals and earn more credit card […]

I’m a coach at university. We have to pay for our recruiting trail and then the university will reimburse us. I want a BP Gas credit card. I will use it for business. How do I apply for a card?

You can consider any gas credit card issued by a major bank. The cards are accepted at most gas stations. If they have a rewards program you will also be able to earn rewards on your purchases including gas purchases. To get approved for such card you should have at least fair credit history.   […]

Please send me gas card info, we need gas card applications, thanks!

You can find the best gasoline credit cards and the detailed information on them on our website. You are welcome to browse all the gas cards through and take your decision. The gas credit cards we have on offer are issued by the top US credit card institutions and can be used at lots of […]

I have a Shell credit card. I received a letter sometime ago about now getting 10 cents a gallon up to $10 each month. Last month I used 100+ gallons THE MONTH before and did not receive ANY MONEY DISCOUNT ON MY BILL PLEASE EXPLAIN.

Just to let you know, we are not a credit card issuing company. Please contact your credit card issuer directly and find out more about the rewards you are talking about.

do you have any credit cards that give rebates or cash back on diesel fuel

You can browse through our gasoline credit cards offered by the U.S. banks and credit card companies, look into their features and find out if there are any gas cards to suit your needs.

Credit cards and everyday purchases

Nowadays more and more people are becoming addicted to credit cards. They use credit cards to buy everyday stuff like groceries, clothing, gasoline, etc. A bad habit that can lead to debt in the blink of an eye. Using credit cards everywhere can be dangerous to some extent! Be careful! Try to keep your credit […]

Benefit from your rewards credit card

If you want to get the maximum benefits from your point rewards card, take your time to get familiar with useful tips that will help you make the most of your credit reward program. The choice of the right rewards program is very important, as they are not created equal. Take your time to carefully […]

History of hotels

Hotels have a very long history. The first evidence of hospitality industry and hotels has been recorded at biblical times. Do you remember Joseph and Mary when they came to Bethlehem? According to the Bible, Joseph and Mary were refused lodging as there was no room in. Since that time a lot has changed, but […]

Something to know about gas stations

The term “gas station” is frequently used in Canada and the United States, where petrol is known as “gasoline” or “gas”. The term “gas bar” is also mostly used in some regions of Canada. The whole English-speaking world uses the widely known forms such as “petrol pump” or “petrol station”. In the United Kingdom people […]

The first airline to hold a scheduled service

The first airline to hold a scheduled service was the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line. The service started in the winter of 1914, in St. Petersburg, Florida. The passengers sat on wooden seats in the hull of a two-place seaplane that did not have a windshield and rarely flew more than five feet above the water. […]

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