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Credit Card Tips Archive

Beware of sharing your credit card information with all and sundry

Always remember that your credit card is not just a piece of plastic but money and you are the one who is responsible for it. As such, approach credit card related issues with caution. Disclosing your credit card details to everyone from your nearest and dearest to strangers could be quite a risk. Think twice […]

Chip and pin cards coming to the United States

Think about what credit cards you’ll take with you when planning another trip outside the U.S.A. When traveling abroad, say to Europe, US credit card holders face problems at small shops, bicycle rentals, and gas pumps. That’s because of their magnetic stripe credit cards accepted at major overseas retailers and businesses only. Many countries of […]

Want to get rid of your credit card debt?

Today people can’t imagine their lives without credit cards. These are both tempting and risky, one false move and you are in debt. If this happens, do not panic, approach it wisely. Here are some simple tips to reduce or eliminate your credit card debt. Tip 1: Stop using your credit cards to avoid new […]

Temporary credit cards to shop online safely

Nowadays more and more people prefer to use their credit cards when shopping on the Internet. But there are some who still fear because of the identity theft risk. To make online transactions safer major U.S. banks and credit card companies offer so called temporary or virtual credit cards to their cardholders. Temporary credit cards […]

Bad Credit Cards

Have bad credit? Don’t be upset. Bad credit doesn’t mean you can’t get and use a credit card. There are credit card issuers that are willing to offer credit card offers to you. Credit cards targeting people with less-than-perfect credit are usually referred to as bad credit credit cards, and regular credit cards and secured […]

Be cautious with credit card convenience checks

Have you ever heard of convenience checks in relation to your credit cards? These are checks mailed to you by your credit card issuers with or without your consent. Convenience checks are tied to your credit card accounts and are used to make purchases or transfer balances. Such credit card-related checks may be really convenient […]

Think twice before closing your credit cards

With such a great variety of tempting credit card offers with lucrative rewards and promo 0% APRs you can easily end up applying for credit cards you don’t really need. And sooner or later you’ll start thinking about closing your credit cards you no longer use. But think twice before doing so as this can […]

Balance transfer credit cards

People with hefty credit card debts and high rates may find balance transfer credit cards helpful. These are credit cards with low APR or 0% introductory APR for balance transfers. Balance transfer credit cards allow you to consolidate all your credit cards, pay off your credit card debts faster and save in interest. But before […]

Prepaid credit cards

Prepaid credit cards are for those people who don’t wish to own a regular credit card or for those with poor credit. Credit cards are handy tools when it comes to making travel plans online, or shopping for essential goods. With these prepaid cards one can reap the benefits of a credit card without being […]

The best option is a MasterCard or a Visa Card

The best credit cards that are available today are the MasterCard or the Visa cards. These issuers are best in terms of reliability as well as security, and they are spread over around 150 countries all over the world. These cards are widely accepted the world over and this is one of the best deals […]

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