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  • Get your tax refund faster than a paper check.
  • No-Fee Cash Withdrawals at ACE.
  • Use everywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted.
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Prepaid Cards
Prepaid debit cards are a convenient, easy and secure alternative to carrying large amounts of cash around. You can load money on this card and use it anywhere - online, in stores, at gas stations or over the phone. Prepaid cards allow you to withdraw cash, make travel arrangements, book flights, hotel rooms, rent cars, shop in-store or online, pay your bills online. And you can do this without the danger of getting into debt. Since pre-funded reloadable cards are not linked to your bank account and allow you only to spend the money you load on them. After the card value has been depleted, no more purchases are possible until you make another deposit. You can set up an automatic direct deposit of your paycheck, child support, unemployment, and other benefits automatically into your card. Or can use any of the other ways to deposit money on your prepaid card.
Advantages of Prepaid Cards

Prepaid debit cards are easy to get approved for. Almost anyone can get it since there is no credit check and no bank account is necessary. Easy approval makes these cards a great opportunity for those who cannot qualify for a regular credit card.

Providing same convenience of cashless payments, reloadable cards at the same time do not charge you interest on your balance, since there's no debt and no risk of taking it on (though you should be aware of fees). At the same time with prepaid cards you get fewer opportunities to build your credit, though some banks provide credit builders. Find out more about this option.

Pre-funded debit cards can give parents peace of mind, they'll know that their child will not get into debt.

An additional card can be issued and you will be able to transfer money to your family members living away from you.

With reloadable cards you simply deposit money and get instant access to it!

Choosing a Prepaid Card

Choose a prepaid reloadable card from a wide selection of Visa or MasterCard offers. Both these networks are secure and dependable. They provide multiple additional features built into every card, like tools to track spendings. Both Visa and MasterCard are accepted worldwide at millions of ATMs and offer multiple options for reloading your card.

Choosing a prepaid debit card for yourself, pay attention to the following aspects. Make sure you know how you can make deposits to your card and the related fees are. Find out where and how you can use your pre-funded card, make sure you know usage restrictions if there are any. Find out how you can check balance, is there a monthly statement provided, can an available balance be requested over the phone or online, what the associated charges for these services are. Make sure you know daily limit on cash withdrawals, daily deposit limit and related fees. Pay attention to monthly fee, charges on international withdrawals and purchases if you plan to use your prepaid card abroad. Look for cards offering zero liability on unauthorized purchases.

Choose a prepaid reloadable card that best meets your needs and requirements and get it now!

News About Credit Cards

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Chip and pin cards finally being issued in the United States

[03:13:32 AM Monday, May 23, 2011]

Embracing the latest technology with open hands is something that the United States is really good at. It is the Americans who are the first to get their hands on iPhones and iPads before it reaches the rest of the world. The only segment where the United States seems to lag behind the rest of the world is in terms of the technology use in credit cards.

While most of the cards in the country still uses the "swipe and sign" technology, cards in many European countries have switched over to the "chip and pin" technology which is considered to be more secure. Till recently, a number of Americans travelling to Europe had problems using their cards in certain outlets in the new country because of the change in technology. In fact, many kiosks, bicycle rentals and parking lots in Europe accept only cards with the chip and pin technology, thereby making travel a nightmare for most of them.

The good news is that all this is now set to become a thing of the past. Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase in the US have begun developing cards that work on the chip and pin technology. These new plastic cards are currently in the testing phase and will take a few months to reach card holders. So, don't jump guns and switch your banks in case you don't have an account with these two banks. Once they are ready to reach the consumers, the frequent travelers will first be privy to the card before the rest of them.


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If you need more flexibility and freedom with your finances, and are confident of yourself as a disciplined payer, consider getting a credit card. Extending you a credit line, unsecured credit cards allow you more flexibility and the amount of money you can spend is not limited to the amount of dollars deposited into your account. This is helpful when you have an urgent need, plan a large purchase, or you just need to have extra security and know that you always have means to pay. Find out what cards you can qualify for with your credit history. If you have a good or excellent credit score, you can enjoy low interest, 0% intro APR, no annual fee, flexible rewards and more. If your score is limited, we have rewarding offers for you too. Designed for people with less than perfect rating, not do they only supply you with money when you need it, but also can help you improve your credit history. Compare available offers, choose the best for you and apply today!

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