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Home Insurance Quotes Online

Having a comfortable and safe home is essential to any family's security. Buying the right home insurance coverage is an important part of safeguarding your family. Spending time to find the proper coverage will save a home owner from a lot of trouble if something happens.

Buying insurance online is evidently more convenient and less time consuming. At you can get free home insurance quotes from the leading U.S companies. You can get instant quote results from the best providers, compare different companies' rates and choose what is right for your property type. We understand that all situations are unique and this influences the choice of the policy too. On our website you can get free quotes for homeowners, renters, condo or manufactured home insurance coverage.

Laws that regulate insurance industry differ from state to state; therefore home insurance quotes vary per state. At our site you will be able to choose the best from insurance companies in your area.

Home Insurance Coverage Options

Compare quotes and choose an insurance policy matching the type of home you reside in:

  • Homeowners insurance typically covers your house, sheds, detached garages, personal property, includes homeowner's liability insurance and some additional coverage options.
  • Condo policy protects interior construction like drywall, flooring, fixtures.
  • Manufactured home insurance usually covers the entire structure.
  • Renters policy provides liability and contents coverage.

Majority of companies you can get online quotes from cover your home in the events of fire and smoke, hazards like lightning, hail, wind, frozen plumbing, theft, vandalism, explosion, the weight of ice and snow, and a couple others. All basic policies usually exclude protection in the event of floods and earthquakes. You might consider getting an additional policy if you live in an endangered area.

Choose an affordable and effective type of coverage for your home!

Home Insurance Rates and Coverage Types

To determine the type of home insurance and its cost, several factors are considered.

You can buy insurance according to the amount of money you are willing to pay out of the pocket in case of a loss. It will determine your coverage choices and the size of your premium. Other factors that can affect your premium are claims frequency, your score and continuity of coverage.

Your neighborhood and the location of your home in regard to fire hydrant and fire station are also taken into account.

A house, manufactured home, condominium or rental call for different policies since the needs are so different. Age, construction type and cost of rebuilding will also influence the type of coverage and its cost. Type and value of your personal items will determine personal property coverage.

Decide how much coverage you need - it really is a balance between the affordable cost and quality. Compare home insurance quotes online to choose a cheap homeowners policy with good service.

Home Insurance Discounts & Savings
To save money on premiums you can do one of the following:
  • Get a discount for having multiple policies with one company (you may be saving 15% on your premium if you buy your home and auto insurance with the same company).
  • Install protective devices like smoke detectors, sprinklers or security alarms in your home, and your savings can be up to 6%.
  • If your manufactured home structure is fire resistive, you can save up to 15% (depending on the materials).
  • Get a discount or bonus for claim-free behavior.
  • See if you can get a discount on your "new" home, if you just recently purchased it.
  • Ask for a discount if you are 55 or older or retired (you may save up 10-20% depending on your particular situation).
  • Find out about other available discounts.
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