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Health insurance protects you when you need care and helps you pay your medical bills. Choosing the right coverage is very important but doesn't have to be difficult.

At you can conveniently compare health insurance quotes, choose and buy affordable medical insurance plan. We provide an easy, convenient and secure way to research, evaluate and buy medical insurance online. What we do is offer you a variety of health plans from the leading insuring companies. Benefits and costs are laid out in an easy-to-compare format to help you choose a coverage that is best for you and your family. Start your free health insurance quote today. It only takes a couple minutes.

Find Low Cost Health Insurance

At you can buy low cost health insurance for individuals, family, group and self-employed.

Medical insurance premiums are regulated and recorded by state Departments of Insurance. So, you will pay the same premium for a particular plan whether you buy coverage from an agent, health insurance company directly or online. And if you can get same low cost medical coverage conveniently online and at no additional charge, why go someplace else?

Medical insurance coverage options vary from state to state. Enter your zip-code in the form above to get free health insurance quotes. Compare plans from insurance companies in your area and choose your best rate coverage.

Health Insurance Price

Health insurance cost is usually the first concern. Buying quality coverage is a priority, but its price has to fit your budget.

Most of the cost of health insurance plan is made up of two numbers - premium and deductible. Premiums are calculated based on several factors - your age, health status, lifestyle or even area you live in. All these factors determine your risk of requiring high-cost healthcare. To evaluate how much risk you have and determine premiums matching the risk insurance companies do what is called medical underwriting. Each health insurance provider has different rules for underwriting and it is worth to compare coverage options from several companies.

Health insurance premiums and deductibles are directly related. A low deductible means higher premiums and vice versa. With many companies you can choose the amount of deductible you are comfortable paying out-of-pocket. When comparing health plans, find out if routine and preventive care require a deductible to be paid or just a small copayment.

If you choose a medical insurance with high deductible, consider getting a Health Savings Account to save money for healthcare expenses tax-free.

To find the kind of medical coverage you need, start health insurance quotes. It is free and takes minutes.

Health Insurance Coverage Options:
  • Short Term Health Insurance protects you and your family when you are between jobs, looking for a cheap alternative to COBRA, temporary employee, or a recent graduate.
  • Individual Health Insurance (longer than 6 months) protects your family when you are self-employed, working part time, have no employer-provided coverage, etc.
  • Student Health Insurance for today's college students.
  • Travel or International Insurance to protect you when you travel in U.S. or abroad.
  • Medicare Supplement Plan fills in gaps in your original Medicare plan.
  • Small Business Health Insurance protects your employees.
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