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Credit Cards News Archive

News Archive: 2020

Stolen Credit Cards

2007-12-13 23:04:28

That's definitely a disaster to find out that your plastic was stolen. And some credit cardholders are highly concerned about this problem. Credit card thieves happen to be extremely tricky, and one can hardly expect that thieves will be so kind-hearted to donate to charity funds. Don't cherish hopes that modern credit card thieves are so generous to donate thousands of stolen dollars to charity in order to support those who are in need. In fact, fraudsters do this for another reason. Let's find out the true motives of credit thieves!

Credit Cards and Christmas

2007-12-17 05:15:50

Christmas is a time for fun, festivities, and gifts. Now that the biggest holiday of the year is around the corner, millions of consumers bother their heads about shopping sprees and gift ideas. Customers are looking for sales, enormous discounts, and tempting offers. And credit card companies have something special for their clients.
We must acknowledge the fact that Christmas shopping is a mere craze for most of us. Malls and department stores are crowded with impatient buyers. Probably, that's the reason why cardholders appreciate the opportunity of doing shopping online, and your plastic will be of use, as it allows saving more during this holiday season.

Credit Shopping on Christmas

2007-12-24 02:20:14

Christmas is the most fabulous and at the same time the most stressful holiday of the year. Though some preparations like decorating the house with ornaments are really sweet, the others appear to be rather troublesome. Last minute shopping is definitely the craziest thing in the world.
Can you imagine the most gorgeous holiday of the year without gifts under the Christmas tree? The thing is, it's pretty tough to prepare Christmas gifts for relatives, friends, children, and colleagues, not to mention the fact that it results in massive credit bills right after Christmas. However, you may reduce the stress following some useful tips.


Credit Card Anticipation

2007-12-27 02:19:23

As a new year comes, we are inspired to make our lives better. No matter whether the past year was good or bad, we expect the better one. So, when we make New Year's resolutions, we try to do our best to achieve our goals. Anecdotally, year by year we make almost the same resolutions like save money, get a better job, or pay off credit card debts.
A nationwide survey conducted by the national polling firm GfK Roper, has shown interesting results. Almost half of all adults are conscious about growing environmental problems, and their New Year's resolution will be to make green credit card deals in order to support environmental programs.

Credit Card Debt and Elderly

2008-01-03 01:24:05

There has been a lot of talking about credit card debt in the US. We usually consider an 'average American household' struggling with debt. But what about specific social groups suffering from inadequate financial management and credit debt?
The number of elderly Americans with credit card debt has increased significantly in the past several years. People over 65 are often considered to be frugal and wise but financial data clearly shows that a lot of them can not manage their finances properly. According to statistics gathered by a public policy group, a significant percentage of elderly people with household income under $50,000 spend up to 40% of their money on paying off debts.

Credit Card Wisdom

2008-01-10 06:58:45

Every cardholder wants to make the most of plastics he or she carries in a wallet. Unfortunately, it's not so easy to handle credit. As a new year comes, you take a brief look at our finances, and what thoughts come into your mind? Are you a good credit manager? Does your credit rating need some improvement?
What credit lessons did you learn while dealing with your creditor in the past 2007? It's believed that a new year will be better than the previous one. What credit resolutions will you make this year? How can you make the most of your credit card deals?


Credit Debt Settlement

2008-01-14 07:22:48

Now that holidays are over, cardholders are highly concerned about their finances. When they receive credit card bills, they can't help but feel that they've overspent. Not so pleasant feeling, right? The first months of the year prove to be pretty tough when it comes to finances. While some people decide to get their family budget in order, the others do their best to make ends meet after extensive holiday spendings.
Credit experts acknowledge the fact that January and February happen to be the busiest months for credit counseling services. As customers realize that they have overindulged, they desperately find the ways to improve this situation. If this situation is familiar to you, learn how you can reduce the effects of credit debt hangover.

Credit Spending Slowdown

2008-01-17 06:55:27

It is not news that American customers live on credit, and substantial credit card debts hit all the records. According to the recent survey among American consumers, they cut their credit spendings sharply in order to stay afloat.
The number of consumers who spend less rose by 13% over the six-month period. And the true reasons of this decline in spendings are much more complicated than mere frugality. Credit card companies suffer losses caused by credit users who haven't paid off their credit bills. While consumers tighten the purse strings, banks bear unbelievable losses. One by one, leading nationwide creditors declare about sufficient losses. American Express clients, who can be characterized as affluent and wealthy cardholders, cut their credit spendings as well.

Credit Card Payments

2008-01-21 03:53:40

Oftentimes, we pay no attention to some essential points associated with plastics, and it may cost us dear. When it comes to credit cards, we may take into account even those credit card details that seem insignificant.
Now that lenders strengthen credit card conditions, customers should be extra vigilant. Applying for a new credit card, take a close look at the length of a grace period. The way you pay your bills is of great importance. You may save a lot of money, or fall disgrace, and pay late credit card payments! Learn how to benefit from the grace period on your credit card!

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