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News Archive: 2020

Luxurious Credit Cards

2007-11-08 04:47:30

We must accept that competition between credit card companies is still immense. They do their hardest to find new strategies and appeal more customers. Credit card deals for the rich and famous have become a vein of gold for credit card issuers. They try to win the hearts of elite, those people who spend money like water. It's a sweet dream of every credit company! To get unbelievable rewards, to get a card that screams about your wealth - that's the main objective of the jet set. So, what is so special in credit cards for elite?

Credit Card Fees

2007-11-12 04:38:35

We cannot resist the temptation of making the best credit card deals. It appears to be really hard to think about some essential points like interest rates and fees. Day by day we use our credit cards and some cardholders cannot imagine their life without that tiny plastic in their wallets. With a small but effective credit card, people do shopping, run companies, and travel overseas. Much has been talked about travel rewards credit cards that enable to save on travel expenses. Still, cardholders may be disappointed with high foreign exchange fees on their credit card deals.

Credit Card Protection

2007-11-15 05:13:22

College students are believed to be inexperienced in making credit card deals. Sometimes, first steps in their credit life end up in various troubles like high fees and debts. Parents are anxious about promotion credit campaigns in campuses that result in financial difficulties. However, credit card companies are relatively innocent in comparison with identity thieves who constitute a grave danger for money matters of young cardholders. A recent survey has shown that students suffer from identity theft more often than other credit card users. Let's find out why!


Credit Card Tips

2007-11-19 03:56:47

Now that cardholders feel Christmas in the air, merchants and credit card companies are excited in anticipation of terrific Christmas spendings. It's not news that weeks before Christmas turn out to be the biggest sales weeks in the year. For some retailers, this season is almost vital. As for credit card companies, January is a very profitable month, as cardholders make the highest number of credit card deals. The reason is quite obvious. Cardholders cannot manage their finances after heavy Christmas spendings and apply for a new plastic to bridge a gap in a family budget. Learn how to manage your funds at Christmas time!

Figure Skating Credit Cards

2007-11-26 04:24:51

Credit card companies do their best to invent a new credit product that will win the hearts of credit cardholders. Nowadays, there are so many reward-oriented credit users. They seek for plastics with the best reward programs rather than for tedious fee-free credit cards. Moreover, present credit users tend to choose credit cards that fit their lifestyle best. Affinity credit card deals have become a breakthrough in credit card industry. These credit cards give you an excellent opportunity to support a good cause you believe in. If you are a figure skating fan, you will definitely like a new affinity credit card that supports the programs of U.S. Figure Skating.

Credit Industry Trends

2007-11-29 06:22:51

We get used to the idea that credit companies play tricks on cardholders. That's why we hear so many stories about various traps and pitfalls associated with credit cards usage. One must agree that plastics may be beneficial or not. It looks like everything depends on us, cardholders. Financial experts tell us over and over again that we must stay vigilant and disciplined with credit.
Still, credit card companies happen to be very powerful, as they make the rules we should obey. Traditionally, they tend to strengthen the rules and increase interest rates and fees. There's good news for cardholders! Increasingly, creditors change their rules and regulations in favor of customers. It sounds too good to be true! Let's take a closer look at the latest trends in credit card industry!


Minimum Credit Purchases

2007-12-03 04:10:36

Credit companies do love when we spend money like water. Such attitude is music to their ears. They do their best to make us buy more than we really need. Meantime, cardholders try to stint the use of plastics, following instructive tips of financial experts. Oddly enough, they can limit their credit card purchases with the help of merchants. Though it sounds a bit controversial, it's quite reasonable judging by the amount of credit card transaction fees that retailers have to pay. Still, regular consumers can face certain difficulties using their plastics for purchases.

Credit Rating System

2007-12-06 06:51:40

Sometimes, we cannot make head or tail of some credit concepts and definitions. And phrases like "grace period" or "two-cycle billing" will definitely sound unfamiliar to those cardholders who are going to make their first credit card deals. Oftentimes, credit users stay unaware of some credit practice until they learn it from their own experience. And as a rule, these are hard credit lessons. Misunderstanding seems to be the greatest trouble for cardholders. And lawmakers are here to protect us from possible credit mistakes. The idea of a new credit rating system is really brilliant in theory. Will it be the same in practice?

Gift Credit Cards

2007-12-10 06:42:29

The most fabulous holiday of the year is around the corner, and crowds of consumers rush into the malls in order to buy presents for numerous friends, relatives, colleagues, and neighbors. The tradition of giving presents on Christmas is definitely great, though it's rather tough to prepare presents for so many people at a time.
If you happen to accumulate enough bonus points on your rewards plastics, think about redeeming them for gift cards for your dear and near ones. Gift credit cards will be an excellent Christmas present. No headache, no fuss!

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