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News Archive: 2020

Credit Card Arbitrage

2007-10-04 00:22:58

The idea that credit card companies make money from cardholders seems quite common. The amount of publications about various credit card traps is enormous. Still, we keep on making credit card deals for the benefit of credit companies and our mistakes become their income. Meanwhile, some cardholders venture on a very bold step to make a profit on credit card deals. It sounds almost impossible but it is true. If you are a savvy person, you can try and earn "free money". But be careful! It resembles a stock market game - one false move will be costly for you.

Bad Credit Illusion

2007-10-08 03:27:52

It is estimated that US customers have got addicted to credit cards so much that they are desperate for a new one even if deep in debt and facing bankruptcy. Very often, either because credit users don't read the terms or just don't understand them, they make deals which are actually against their interests.
Subprime, or bad, credit cards are disclosed as the last whatsoever resort for people in debt. Though these credit cards are aggressively marketed by companies and readily accepted by customers, credit unions and some financial experts insist that you are more likely to face an utter financial crash rather than recovery with them.

Contactless Credit Cards

2007-10-11 02:04:15

These days, high-tech goods are in great demand. We are ready to fork out an enormous sum of money for something full of gadgets. Credit card companies keep in step with up-to-the-minute technologies in order to amaze their customers. And they succeed to do that. The recent trend of credit card industry is a so-called "contactless" credit card. This card stores its data on a microchip, not on a magnetic stripe. So, you need just to wave the card within a couple of inches of the special reader and your credit card deal is made in mere seconds. But the tests of these cards have interesting results.


Credit Card Rates

2007-10-15 05:10:21

As a rule, credit card issuers are likely to raise interest rates, and when it comes to lowering, they hang their legs. After Fed's half-point rate cut in September, millions of Americans sighed with relief. Credit crunch seems to be the thing of the past, and cardholders sincerely hope for better interest rates on their credit card deals, not to mention those who try to settle their debts. Financial experts cast doubt on this point. There are many factors that influence your interest rates. The question is, "Who will see the results of this cut and when?"

Rewards Credit Cards

2007-10-22 02:54:10

There are a lot of credit users who like travelling. A couple of weeks at the deluxe hotel can really make wonders. By all means, the purpose of your trip does matter. But it's a real pleasure to stay at your favorite hotel even if it's your business trip. If you are a loyal customer of a certain hotel chain, you may consider a hotel rewards credit card as a good option for you. Like many other rewards credit card deals, they are extremely tempting. But before making your hotel rewards credit card deals, you may put a relevant question, "Are they worth it?"

Belgian Credit Cards

2007-10-25 05:21:51

The security for online credit card transactions, be it purchasing or online banking, has been a hot issue for the government of the USA. For some customers, the only fact of being unprotected from hackers stealing personal data online is a good enough reason to turn down the mere idea of making a credit card deal.
Let's admit it, the present-day business making is unthinkable without the Internet, so many customers take their credit card as the major tool to buy things online. And it is true not only to American credit cardholders but also to the majority in Belgium, as we have learnt from the news.


Amex Credit Card Triumph

2007-10-29 06:10:07

A customer's buying decision is the result of a complicated mental work aimed at sorting out benefits and drawbacks of the deal and estimating the rate of ultimate satisfaction. A credit card is just like other products you buy, and your buying decision depends on how well the issuer advertised the plastic and what boons it actually has to offer.
As the market law requires, the participants must compete with each other not only to survive but also to draw funds for prosperity, and credit companies seem to be well armed warriors in their fight for customers. According to the results of 2007 Credit Card Satisfaction Study, American Express appears to be the strongest player and its credit card deals are of great demand among customers.

Credit Card Spending

2007-11-01 04:47:53

Halloween is believed to be a holiday for youth folks and kids. However, the spending on this holiday proves to be not so childish. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend even more on the holiday this year. Costumes, decorations, and candies appear to be of great demand these days. Take advantage of your holiday shopping! Spending may turn out to be saving for responsible cardholders. Don't let scary credit card debts prevent you from fun this weekend.

Credit Cards and Marriage

2007-11-06 03:46:38

The discussion of money matters is not an easy talk for newly married couples. But sooner or later, you need to settle this point with your spouse. By all means, speaking about credit card deals may be inappropriate, as all you can think about will be living together with your husband or wife happily ever after. Still, the real life proves to be much more complicated than in weepy movies and someday you need to decide how you will take control of your family budget. Very often, couples wrestle with an arguable point of separate or joint credit accounts. Let's take a close look at this problem!

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