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Credit Cards News Archive

News Archive: 2020

Credit Card Bail

2007-09-04 06:26:05

There have been numerous articles written on the ways one can use a credit card. And it looks like there is another one coming up soon. A new system has been implemented in St. Lucie that allows arrested or family members to bail using a single swipe of a credit card. The service has already proved itself useful for jail personnel, arrestees and millions of taxpayers who pay for keep the jail operating. However, that very same service does a great deal to bailsmen and their business.

Credit Cards Interest

2007-09-06 02:18:38

Consumer credit card debt has been a weak point in the financial industry of the USA, bringing more disadvantages than benefits to both the sides – cardholders and credit card lenders. While many credit consumers do not really mind living in debt, paying only the monthly minimum on their credit card deal, the US Treasury Department has made a point of eradicating the so-called unfair credit card practices aimed at keeping you in constant debt.
What is so unfair about credit card practices? At first sight it may seem to you – what is so bad about the minimum monthly credit card payment? Why is it bad that I can make small payments each month without any notable loses to my budget?

Iraq Credit Cards

2007-09-11 01:25:54

Millions of people throughout the world live on credit. Plastic cards are comparatively new but extremely popular form of money. Day by day we take advantages of this great invention. The number of applicants is ever-increasing. The sphere of credit card use is also extending. Now plastics are available for Iraqi consumers. In Iraq credit cards were something no one had ever heard of. By all means American invasion played its role in this process. Taking into consideration the state of Iraqi economy, it was a bold step to take. After years of dictatorship and wars Iraq definitely needs time to recover. However, Iraqi authorities succeeded to bring this venture into action.


Women's Credit Cards

2007-09-13 03:52:40

It is no secret for banks and credit card companies that a great portion of American credit consumers is going over to women. Companies, however, do not report the statistics to reveal the percentage of women making credit card deals but women's growing activity is quite well-defined. There are certain categories of products that women tend to buy with credit cards and they are different from men's preferences.
Thus, analyzing the selling figures of the merchandise in supermarkets or on web sites, we get a well-formed picture of women credit card use.

Credit Card Safety

2007-09-17 02:03:13

There are a great number of disposable goods that worked up consumers market. What do you say to disposable credit card numbers? Actually, it's a great invention for those people, who like online shopping. If you have ever tried this, you certainly enjoyed the ease and convenience of making purchases online, not to mention the delivery to the door. The bad news is that hackers are keeping pace with high-tech industries and their activity has deplorable results. The good news is that credit card issuers do their best to protect their clients from internet fraud. And one of the ways is disposable credit card numbers that protect your credit card deals from identity theft. How do they work?

Credit with Fraud Alert

2007-09-20 05:31:29

There are a number of reasons that make you ineligible for the credit card deal you want. You may be under the age or your credit history may be too short. If you have applied for credit before, then the reason for the denial may be your poor spending habits and thus- low credit score. In other words, you are a high risk in the eyes of your creditors and they wouldn't venture to deal with you.
While all these reasons are plain and clear to understand and admit, there is yet another arousing the fog of confusion among credit consumers and thus - wanting clearing up.


Cars Credit Card Deals

2007-09-24 01:35:20

Credit card market is so varied today. Really! There are cards that are aimed at completely different groups of consumers. It is hard to name the group that credit card companies have ignored. There are credit card deals for everybody.
Let's take a look at credit card consumer categories: cards for pets, students, children, travelers, businessmen... Credit companies have truly diversified marketing strategies.
A modern consumer wouldn't be surprised that there are special credit card offers for car owners as well. A car for a modern person is more than just a vehicle. It's a lifestyle, prestige. All the car companies position their best cars as elements of glamour, chic, and, certainly, speed! Cars targeted at an average income consumer are also widely advertised.

Credit Scams

2007-09-27 01:59:15

Making a profit out of someone's mischief has become a good business for scammers. Credit card issuers are rolling in money and credit fraudsters can snatch large sums. Very often people with bad credit history become victims of numerous credit scams. Generally, it's a tough task to come out of the red. And people give way to despair and take desperate steps in order to improve this awful situation. Your bad credit history may cost you even more if you fall for one of these credit scams. Shady credit card deals may add a tidy sum to your debt. How can they play nasty tricks on you?

Employees Credit Reports

2007-10-01 01:34:07

We live in the times of figures and numbers, when some plastic thing can give all the gen about your life and financial state. The days of stalwart knights and fair ladies are gone. And now our reputation depends on our IQ, SAT results and even credit card scores. Our credit card deals leave the mark on our credit history, and therefore on our well-being. It's clear as day, why lenders and auto-finance firms not to mention credit card companies require our credit card score. And what about employers? Why do they find credit card deals of potential employees so important?

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