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News Archive: 2020

Additional Credit Card

2007-07-31 23:33:50

Would you like to become owner of a real credit card and enjoy its privileges even if you have insufficient credit history or do not have a valid credit card account? You would, no doubt. With the continuing credit card market increase, it’s natural you think of a credit card more often and an easy access to it becomes your goal.
Easy access credit card deal is just half the benefit, the real bonus is its being completely free of charge to you…

Credit Card Identification Number

2007-08-02 00:53:11

Have you ever wondered of the meaning of your credit card number? Apart from cardholder’s name, issuer’s logo and expiry date, it has certain amount of random numbers (13-19 digits). Well, turns out to be that these digits weren’t taken out of nowhere. Not only does your credit card number identifies your account, but it also categorizes industries, issuers and accounts themselves.

Store Credit Cards

2007-08-07 06:26:56

If you are an experienced credit cardholder, you must know that you are usually entitled to some reward program for the use of your card. The purpose of such perks is to constantly encourage you to spend more on your credit card. Why? Remember that your creditor exists and prospers at the thickness of your wallet, so their main goal is to make a most profitable and long-term credit card deal with you.
How do credit companies keep their custom? They keep you loyal by offering enticing terms and charges and they induce you to spend fabulous sums on their credit cards so you could gain as many rewards as possible


After You Cancel Credit Card

2007-08-14 04:30:07

When you make any kind of a deal, when you sign any kind of a contract, you are preconditioned to carry your personal part of obligations. And be sure, your obligations are legally formalized. However, when it comes to making a credit card deal, you discover a whole sequence of withholding facts or inaccuracies which take much of your effort to resolve.
A special problem is presented by credit card debt collectors whose job it is to harass you, constantly calling you on the phone, reminding of the money you owe to your lender.

Credit Card Gambling

2007-08-16 02:07:33

A recent boom in gambling industry has caused authorities and card issuers to think over the legitimacy and morality of such type of business. There are millions of people who all together account for millions of profits for gambling industry. However, with the ease of access to gambling that our society is experiencing today, this presents a problem.

First Credit Card

2007-08-21 06:47:24

Have you heard that credit card deals sometimes lead to suicide? Even best credit card deal can be a deal with death if it is managed with unskillful hands. Your plastic will most certainly play against you if you abuse credit cards basic laws and one day you may find yourself completely destroyed.
That’s a frequent case with teenagers who are an easy game for credit card companies in their search of extending credit card market. It’s a deplorable fact that money lenders are so greedy that they easily issue a credit card for teenagers under 16!


Next Gen Credit Cards

2007-08-23 00:11:08

Credit cards have undergone major changes since they were launched. When they were first introduced in 1950s, the transaction process took time and couldn’t really be called hassle-free. Merchants had to deposit special slips into bank to receive payments. First credit cards could only be used at particular store and there was no way you could find one with rewards that are being offered nowadays.

Credit Card to Fund Studies

2007-08-28 02:43:08

Education is one of the most valued entities in the modern world and it’s rather discouraging that most people have to pay a fortune to have access to it and complete it one happy day. However, higher education is still a privilege beyond the purse of most people and it makes parents as well as students themselves, fall victims of credit and debt.
Most parents looking forward to giving their children proper education have evidently heard of the 529 College Savings Plan. It functions like an ordinary saving program which, however, is much more effective in the sense that it is free from taxation. Today, you can make a credit card deal to make the saving even more beneficial.

Credit Union Credit Cards

2007-08-30 02:18:50

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that today’s society is a result of many years of progress. Apart from technological advancements, the social part of our lives has also moved a few steps forward. The pyramid of our needs and wants has revolutionized to the extent that we no longer care about things that had the biggest priority in our lives. Credit unions are just another tool that may help us to cope with one of the things that has a great impact on our prosperity.

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