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News Archive: 2021

Credit Cards for Military

2007-04-09 02:28:10

Nowadays a great number of military credit unions and credit institutions issue credit cards special for service members and their families and allow them to get loans and mortgages on large purchases. The amount of loan is based upon your credit history, military rank, years in service, ETS and debt-to-income ratio.
Military credit unions and credit companies offer a wide variety of credit cards for militaries of different ranks and branches, for military students, for those who have no credit history or, vice-versa has a strong one. Most of them will give you a low credit limit, even if you have no credit history.

Truth on Credit Bankruptcy

2007-04-10 03:37:40

Any of us can become a credit failure one day and no one is fully protected from filing for bankruptcy when the situation is irreparable. No best credit card deals are a guarantee from credit bankruptcy even if you are always on time for credit card bill payments and stay below 30% of the credit limit available.

Most people think that bankruptcy is the worst thing that can happen to them and avoid filing even if in their situation it is the last resort.

Credit Card or Home?

2007-04-12 06:19:37

It may sound unbelievable but if you make your best credit card deal today, you may lay a good foundation of a home purchase in the future.
Such a valuable type of real estate as home has always been a fabulous price in the USA and most people resort to a loan to pay it off. And it is a well-known fact that to be approved for a loan or a credit card, you’re required to have a good-to-excellent credit history.


Is Credit Treacherous?

2007-04-16 07:19:21

What’s the plague on America at present? Maybe we shouldn’t bring it to some single notion as there are quite a bunch of problems, social and economical, in the country. But today the credit issue is acquiring a leading role in the nation’s misfortunes. No doubt, best credit card deals , offered by big money lenders help people manage their finances more properly and raise the quality of life on the whole... but everything has its seamy side...

We will talk about the worst that may come out of making a credit card deal no matter how winning it might seem at first sight. Low rate, no annual fee credit cards and rewards credit card offers are no doubt irresistible credit card offers but the price for defaulting on them may be much greater than the appeal.

Credit Account Dilemma

2007-04-17 04:06:02

Money and credit are the present day reality dictating its conditions in almost every sphere of life. With so many best credit card deals to make you gain or you think you gain the power to control every side of the reality but sometimes you inevitably find yourself forced to make a choice. As experience shows it’s not that easy.

Love, health and money – these seem to be the most precious things in the life of each American. If you analyze all these sides of life, you’ll see that you make a deal in each of them. Marriage, health insurance and credit card deal. What’s interesting, credit cards figurate in ach of the deal, being its integral part.

Good Creditor Right

2007-04-24 02:38:54

To find the best credit card deals, you need to be able to know what creditors look for in their customers. This can be summed up in three different terms: capacity, character and collateral. How you stand in these situations will define if you are a good credit risk, a poor credit risk or you have no credit history that will allow for this to be held true. By analyzing this, they determine what type of credit card they can offer you, if any and what amount they can lend.


Bankruptcy Types

2007-05-17 05:09:31

Generally, about one and half million people file bankruptcy annually, and for many Americans this has become a fact of life. If truth be told, a growing number of people who file bankruptcy are educated, mid-range baby boomers with an extreme level of credit card debt. Still, not only this class suffers from bankruptcy.
Bankruptcy can be an alternative for a person who has reached a point where they can no longer support the debts they have incurred.

Moving Credit Card Balance

2007-05-24 02:25:57

One of the best credit card deals that you’ll find is using a balance transfer credit card with a low APR credit card or even 0 percent interest rate credit card benefits. It’s one of the simplest and smartest ways to lower your credit card interest over time.

Get Credit Card Deals

2007-05-31 02:26:28

If you wish to obtain good credit card deals, with low APR, great terms and no fees, then you need to maintain good credit, something that’s not always taught to us. While you may have been given advice on just about every other facet of your life, it is unlikely that anyone taught you how to maintain good credit, how credit works or even how to know what type of credit you have.

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