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Credit Cards News Archive

News Archive: 2020

Credit History Protection

2007-03-19 01:11:05

To protect you and your family from the undesirable and sometimes fatal consequences of identity theft, you should acquire at least the basic knowledge of the tools to protect your identity and prevent such unlawful acts. It is also very important if you are eager to take new credit card deals and build good credit history. Such tools are as follows: fraud alert, credit monitoring and credit freeze, which are distinguished by the density of the measures taken.

Fire Credit Card Applications!

2007-03-19 05:20:25

You are a wealthy customer with a thick wallet? Then, you?ve certainly received invitations to make a credit card deal with best banks and credit card companies presenting you with best reward credit cards like Airlines credit cards or Cash back credit cards. Judging by your current credit score, income and financial background, the creditor offers you to make a credit card deal with no fees and lowest rates possible and sends you a credit card application form by mail.

Premium Credit Cards

2007-03-21 08:44:54

World Wealth Report of 2004 maintains that one in every 125 Americans is a millionaire. And the general tendency for the nearest decade is triple increase of this number. Rich people are used to spending much to get much, so they are supposed to choose the best credit card deals - exclusive ones, to be more exact. In the credit card market high-end consumers can find cards that will not only accentuate their status, but also provide them with the most advantageous and first-class services.


Credit for Women

2007-03-22 08:15:10

You know what a credit card is and you?ve already had credit card deals in your financial experience. If you have ever made a credit card deal for low rate or no fees cash back credit card or best reward credit card, you certainly know what advantages it gives when it comes to the point of making purchases or saving on traveling and other services.

Credit with Health MasterCard

2007-03-26 03:17:12

Health is priceless! That?s what they usually say, but not when it concerns credit card. Be healthy now and pay for it later! Credit card, a small plastic thing working wonders when you plan to make a necessary purchase, today allows you to make a deal to buy your health. MasterCard, the biggest credit card issuer, along with low rate no fee and best reward credit cards, has offered credit card deals helping patients receive qualified help and at the same time facilitating the process of cash flow for medical practitioners.

Credit Card for Individuality

2007-03-27 07:01:58

The 1990s became a turning point in the credit card industry when MBNA, today part of Bank of America, introduced new credit card deals attracting credit consumers by such innovation as an individual style for a credit card desired.

It?s little wonder that with a notable slowdown in the credit card industry, credit card companies are forced to work out new approaches to raise or at least keep the number credit card deals made.


Credit Security Improving

2007-03-29 01:55:10

As far back as 2005, credit consumers gained more confidence in the four major credit card companies (Visa International, MasterCard Worldwide, American Express and Discover Financial Services) and the number of credit card deals made with them rose in numbers.

What did the credit companies offer to attract more customers? Well they started to implement a 12-point security plan to protect credit card deals that are made online every day and thus are exposed to fraud threat. Thanks to the stringent network security rules, millions of companies possessing your personal information and information about your low rate, no annual fee credit card, can provide better protection for online and off-line credit payment transactions.

Gas Credit Card Attraction

2007-03-30 02:22:33

It has been estimated that last year credit card companies successfully made 14 million credit card deals for gas credit cards and the demand for this reward category credit cards isn’t likely to subside. Among other reward credit cards, such as hotel credit cards, airline miles credit cards or credit cards with cash back, gasoline cards are starting to dominate and not without reason.

Credit and Scores

2007-04-04 01:34:28

Everything has to be paid for, it’s a general rule. And though the best credit card deals are intended to give you money (thought by many, especially, teens, as free money) you still appear the one who pays. No matter what credit card you apply for, be it a good credit card or a credit card for bad credit, a student credit card with lowest interest rate or a no annual fee credit card for business, you are inevitably imposed various charges.

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