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Credit Cards News Archive

News Archive: 2020

Credit Card Attitudes

2008-09-22 05:07:33

A new survey conducted among college students discovered that 92% of youth folks admitted that damaged credit history could affect their financial lives and the ability to obtain loans in the future. Over 45% say that they keep track of their spending. Meantime, approximately 30% of young adults have no worries about debt and various penalty charges, especially when it comes to financing special occasions and celebrations. Read more about financial attitudes and behaviors of young adults when it comes to plastic money and its usage.

Visa Credit Programs

2008-09-29 05:54:42

Visa, one of the leading payment systems all over the globe, has recently unveiled a new discount program for small business owners. Now the enhanced Visa SavingsEdge is available to cardholders carrying plastics issued by Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, and others.
This special discount program provides Visa Business credit users with great discounts on eligible purchases at reputable business merchants. If you are searching for the ways to reduce your company's expenses and extend the purchasing power of your plastic at the same time, enrolling in this Visa program can be a smart choice for you. Read more about this great discount program!

Credit Debt Help

2008-10-06 04:35:10

Judging by the latest polls and researches, US consumers have rather conflicting attitudes to debt. More than 90% of customers think that debts can be controlled by careful planning and smart spending. Meantime, 72% of people treat debt as a part of life and admit that it can be pretty tough to avoid debts, especially now that customers are being squeezed by lenders. The thing is, profitability of lending institutions has fallen due to huge losses in the mortgage sector. To limit their risks and recoup the losses, lenders change the terms on credit accounts so that it's getting hard to handle plastics responsibly. Learn how to clear your debts and avoid serious financial troubles!


Credit Card Promotions

2008-10-13 05:12:01

Sick and tired of high gas prices? Want to save extra money on your fuel purchases? Feel free to do so with a new credit card promotion from Shell Oil and Citibank. The "Double Rebate" promotion enables new card members to earn generous 10% rebates on their Shell gas purchases, and 2% rebates on all other purchases within first two months.
Applying for a new Shell Platinum MasterCard, you can make the most of this great promotion and lower the cost of fuel but not its quality. Read more about the "Double Rebate" promotion and how you can benefit from it!

Visa Rewards Credit Card

2008-10-20 05:06:00

Toyota Financial Savings Bank, the leading provider of auto financial services, has launched a new rewards card for current and future Toyota car owners. The Toyota Rewards Visa(r) is designed for those people who want to reduce the cost of car ownership. It is estimated that approximately 18% of annual household spendings go towards transportation, including car ownership and maintenance. Want to get more benefits from your car ownership? Consider Toyota Rewards Visa(r), a new rewards credit card with which you can turn your purchases into valuable rewards points.

Credit Card Fraud

2008-10-31 01:02:51

It is estimated that American borrowers are scared about credit fraud and ID theft rather than about upcoming Halloween events. According to the recent survey for TransUnion, two-thirds of respondents have been hit by identity theft or at least know some victims who have experienced the dangers of this crime. Ghost legends and scary supernatural stories happen to be not that scaring in contrast with those horrifying identity theft cases. A vast majority of consumers are afraid of real life dangers, like fraudulent online activities that may have terrible consequences for a victim and his or her score rating.


Credit Limits Slashed

2008-11-06 05:08:26

A high spending limit is one of the most sought-after features, when it comes to new cards. For big spenders and small business owners, the amount of lending limit is extremely important. But to find deals offering high spending limits is not that easy, especially now that lending companies and banks tighten their standards. Judging by the recent study, 62% of lenders tend to reduce spending limits to existing clients, and only 8% of lending institutions increase credit lines. Most U.S. Banks and providers have been tightening their standards in response to the unfavorable economic environment. Read more and learn how to protect your credit from these changes!

Credit Card Solutions

2008-11-13 04:27:55

The holiday season is generally associated with the buying spree, fast sell-offs, year-end sales and big revenue for retailers. It is estimated that during the 2008 holiday season, each American shopper will spend about $832, compared with $817 last year. A slight increase of 1.9% shows that current economic situation leaves much to be desired. Retailers expect cutbacks by middle- and even upper-income customers. Anyway, holidays will go on and U.S. people will celebrate and will buy things. The question is, how to create a realistic holiday budget and stick to it? Read on for more information.

Credit Debt Relief

2008-11-20 05:18:06

Carrying balances from month to month is a popular habit of the vast majority of U.S. borrowers. A few months ago, one could afford carrying around a big credit card balance. But now that U.S. economy is in recession, this habit can be really dangerous for your current financial well-being. Major lending institutions take actions to protect themselves from potential losses - interest rate hikes and spending limit cuts can hardly help you get out of debts. Learn effective ways on how to eliminate your debts.

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