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News Archive: 2020

MasterCard Credit Sweepstakes

2008-07-14 04:35:15

MasterCard, one of most recognized cards brands, has teamed up with outstanding rock and country musicians for its Roots of Rock promo. By using your MasterCard plastic between July 1 and August 31, 2008, you could become a winner if a priceless experience with either of three musicians participating in this program - Erick Clapton, Jon Bon Jovi, or Kenny Chesney. Learn more about this special offer and you may become one of five winners to meet legendary musicians and even see his performance.

Credit Squeeze

2008-07-28 05:01:45

When selecting a credit card, people pay close attention to interest rates, but somehow they underestimate other credit features. Now that credit card industry has hard times, it's more important than ever before to read the terms and conditions of your credit contract.
Increasingly, credit card companies suffer great losses. The American Bankers Association reports that credit card delinquencies are on the rise, they rose to 4.51% during the first quarter this year. And lenders adjust their credit offers, i.e. cut credit limits and raise interest rates. With soaring food and fuel prices, it may be so easy to fall behind with your credit payments. Read more and learn how to avoid troubles with your credit payments.

Credit after Bankruptcy

2008-08-07 05:28:35

You should be in quite a poor, if not desperate, situation, if the heap of long due credit card bills forces you to consider filing bankruptcy. Serious credit mistakes, as well as unforeseen circumstances like illness or job loss, leave hundreds of American consumers unable to meet their payment obligations and for most of them bankruptcy is the only way out.
However, a great many of those who should be resolving their debt problems through Chapter 7 of Bankruptcy Law keep putting it off until it is too late to do anything about that. Reason? It is fear to be unable to get new credit after bankruptcy. The general opinion is that bankruptcy spoils your credit reputation and it cuts you off from any potential credit card deals with card companies.


Credit Cards APR Increase

2008-08-14 05:08:02

Last year, when, Citi promised to its customers it would no longer keep practicing interest rate increase under the "any time, for any reason" clause, millions believed. The pledge received the slogan "A deal is a deal" and was never meant to be valid for the life of a credit card balance. Members of Congress and consumers groups applauded the credit company for its radical step towards meeting their customers' needs and agreed the announcement deserved great praise.
But together with its promise, Citigroup incurred painful losses of more than $4o billion in write-offs, which naturally affected its finances and put it in a bind. Such a great damage forces Citigroup to reconsider its promise of a more lenient policy.

Credit Card Mailings

2008-08-21 06:19:47

The volume of credit card direct mailings sent to customers continues to fall, according to the latest research held by Mintel Compremedia. To be more exact, the amount of direct mail fell 8% from the first quarter 2008.
It's worth saying that there has been a steady decline of direct mail volume since the third quarter of 2007 when it amounted to 1.86 billion. Now, the total volume of unsolicited offers sent to cardholders is 1.54 billion, i.e. a 17% decline since 2007.

Rebuilding Credit History

2008-08-25 05:24:12

The recent study of over 350,000 card users found that a vast majority of people using low-limit plastics improved their score rating. According to the study, 35% of cardholders using plastics for limited history managed to improve their scores within a two-year period. Meantime, over 60% of users fixed their scores and were awarded with better terms like higher spending limits and lower interest rates.
It's not news that a cardholder who has just started using plastics and whose score is relatively low can find a card for his/her needs. Fortunately enough, there are several companies out there which can offer specially-designed products for subprime cardholders. Learn more about this!


New Credit Scoring Formula

2008-09-04 04:43:02

A credit score is one of the most influential numbers in people's lives. This three-digit number is used by lending organizations to estimate the trustworthiness of a potential customer. For those customers whose FICO score is low, it's more difficult to get access to credit cards, especially those with favorable features.
Fair Isaac Corporation, the company which developed its effective FICO score technology, said it would consider again authorized user accounts. It's the second time in this year when the company is revising its scoring formula. It means that authorized users again have a good chance to improve their FICO scores. Learn more about this issue!

Credit Card Satisfaction Survey

2008-09-08 05:46:45

What plastic money deals rank highest in today's competitive credit market? That was the question bothering analysts from J.D. Power and Associates. A new card satisfaction study was held among over 7,600 customers to understand what made people satisfied or dissatisfied with the plastics they currently use.
The factors determining customer satisfaction included interaction, rates and fees, payment process, rewards schemes, additional benefits and services. According to the survey, two credit companies prove to be real leaders in customer satisfaction. Read more about the results of the study and companies ranking highest!

Managing Credit Changes

2008-09-15 05:15:39

Using credit cards during these uncertain times of ailing economy and tight market conditions can be a great challenge for every customer. Gone are those days when people could accumulate trash of junk mail without bothering their heads about changing terms.
Now that banks and other lending organizations do their best to slash their risks, "any time for any reason" changes become quite common. And as a rule, such a makeover can have unexpected consequences for regular users, even for those who have been good payers for years. Learn how to protect yourself from nasty effects of changing terms and take charge of your financial life!

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