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Credit Cards News Archive

News Archive: 2020

Credit Card Crackdown

2008-05-05 03:39:46

These days, when credit crisis hits cardholders, no one is fully protected against interest hikes and exorbitant fees on their cards unless they have excellent credit history. Banks and card companies face an ever-increasing number of credit card delinquencies, and that's the reason why they're becoming more aggressive. They need to recoup their losses, and it doesn't really matter whether you are a diligent customer who pays credit bills on time, or you're still trying to kick the habit of being late with your credit card payments. They need to gain profits, and they are raising credit card fees and rates to squeeze more revenue out of their client's accounts.

Survive the Credit Crisis

2008-05-12 04:39:04

The financial turmoil in global markets is not only a headache for economists and businesses - customers cannot help but feel the sting of the credit crunch too. More and more people have to turn to credit cards trying to make both ends meet. The number of credit card delinquencies is ever-increasing, the cost of living has gone up, the unemployment rate rose to 5.1% in March.
Card companies and banks face hard times, as the delinquencies hit all the records. For investors, this situation is not so attractive, that's the reason why creditors bear unbelievable losses. To recoup them, they become stricter to cardholders, especially to those who have problems with credit. Learn how you can survive the credit crunch and keep financially afloat!

Credit Card Disputes

2008-05-19 04:58:14

The Federal Reserve has approved the proposal that would ban some notorious credit practices. It's also worth mentioning that the U.S. Office of Thrift Supervision as well as National Credit Union Administration also approved this proposal. Three regulators plan to finalize the rule by the end of 2008.
While consumer advocates consider this proposal as good first steps that will help get some deceptive credit practices under control and make it easier for cardholders to handle their accounts, creditors bristle they will raise credit costs and as a result make credit less available.


Biometric Credit Cards

2008-05-26 04:57:49

There has been a lot of discussion about the fastest-growing crime in the United States, i.e. identity theft. A great number of card companies suffer from incredibly high losses due to this low-down crime. Millions of customers become ID theft victims every year. Almost every day we happen to hear about new victims of credit card scammers. Card issuers and customers rack their brains trying to invent some gadget that will protect privacy and security of a cardholder.
The designers of a new biometric card seem to find the solution of ID theft problem. There is no need to sign the card or input a PIN number. Learn more about biometric credit cards!

Changes in Credit Terms

2008-06-02 04:30:51

Balance transfer card deals are of great use for those customers who would like to eliminate their heavy debts. But the past months brought some serious changes in the credit card industry, and the segment of balance transfer deals is no exception.
Just a year ago, card issuers have a certain number of plastic money deals offering no balance transfer fee. Now, you can hardly find such a card, as almost all companies have pulled these balance transfer cards from the market. All the more so, balance transfer card providers toughen credit requirements for applicants. Learn more about recent trends on the balance transfer credit card market!

Disney Visa Credit Card

2008-06-09 05:51:09

The Disney Rewards Visa credit card, issued by Chase, celebrates its fifth anniversary. Disney Credit Card Services together with Chase Card Services will continue the tradition of magic rewards. In addition to existing incentives, this plastic offers special theme park benefits, and special financing on select vacation packages.
It's worth mentioning that this card is one of the fastest growing rewards plastics for families. Over 2 million cardholders have applied for this card since its launch in 2003. The figures speak for themselves - this card is really popular among cardholders of rewards credit cards. Learn more about the renewed Disney Rewards Visa!


Citi Credit Card Deals

2008-06-16 04:44:46

Isn't it great to get rewarded for just carrying some particular plastic? What about getting more rewards? Good news for cardholders of Citi credit cards! Citi, one of the leading credit card providers, has introduced a new exciting benefit for participating plastics, including Platinum Select, Diamond Preferred, and AT&T Universal Platinum credit cards. This new perk called as Extra Cash enables cardholders to enjoy an automatic 10% discount on gift cards, merchandise, and travel. Getting extra cash has never been so easy! Learn more about this new benefit from Citi!

Entertainment Credit Cards

2008-06-23 05:03:23

If you have an impeccable credit profile, and your income is big enough, you can make your life even more exciting with entertainment plastics. Present days, you have all the chances to find a fantastic rewards program to your liking! Isn't it tempting to carry the card every feature of which reflects your taste and personality? It surely is. However, it may not be so easy to qualify for such cards. Let's take a closer look at entertainment credit offers presented by major credit card companies and find out what's so special about these cards!

Credit Penalties

2008-06-30 03:55:38

We live in the world where every single minute is precious. When it comes to credit matters, time is really money, and late credit charges can bite you in the wallet and hurt your credit score as well. We must acknowledge the fact that people with a limited income have no room for credit mistakes as it can cost them much. However, our life is unpredictable, and no one is fully protected against mistakes. Learn how you can become immune to late credit payments and other credit card penalties.

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