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News Archive: 2020

Credit Cards in Art

2008-03-06 05:10:12

MasterCard, an international debit and credit card payment system, has pleased credit consumers all over the world with a new irresistible but not generally accessible credit card offer. The new credit card is a joint campaign of MasterCard and Sotheby's, the international auction house which dates back to 1804.
Sotheby's MasterCard does not belong to any of the credit consumer types we already know. It is not a student credit card, nor is it a deal for business owners. This MasterCard offers an exclusive credit card deal for affluent people with love for the arts. You can guess the fascinating power of this credit card when it comes to specific rewards designed to please a most sophisticated art lover.

uTANGO Credit Card

2008-03-11 06:04:21

Most cash back credit programs are almost the same. If you want to earn more cash back points, apply for the card with the highest percentage on the purchases you make regularly. Your favorite retailers must be the participants of this rewards program. Otherwise, this cash back plastic won't be efficient at all. The founder of the uTANGO Visa credit card, Jim Miller, designed this unique plastic to reward customers' loyalty with real money. Learn more about this extraordinary credit rewards program that allow earning up to $800 in cash back annually, and up to $1 million in lifetime cash back rewards.

Credit Rate Decrease

2008-03-17 08:01:14

There's good news for cardholders, the average interest rate on credit cards have dropped to about 13% for the last six months. Speaking of those cards that come with rewards, the interest rate on these plastics is approximately 15%. And it must be said that it's the lowest index since 2006.
Consecutive fed rate cuts have taken their toll, and average rates on credit cards have dropped significantly. It's all so clear that banks benefit from interest-rate decrease but what about cardholders? Let's take a closer look at the rates in credit card industry!


Credit Default Charges

2008-03-24 05:50:49

Customers are terrified to think about default rates on their cards. Though people do their hardest to be on time with their payments, there's no guarantee that you cannot default on your plastics in future. Now that some card issuers raise default rates, these rates can be really outstanding. And nowadays, late payments may end up in huge rates on your card. But still, it's not as awful as the practice of universal default that some companies still use. When you receive a mailing from your lender saying that they will raise your APR if you default on the card, what is actually meant by this "default"? Let's try to figure it out!

Green Credit Cards in Asia

2008-03-31 03:56:50

More and more customers all over the world give preference to "green" ideas, including green plastics that have become so popular among cardholders in the US. This spring, green credit cards will win the hearts of Asian consumers, as HSBC Bank has a special offer.
Hong Kong cardholders will be able to make credit card applications in early April. HSBC launches the card that allows environmentally conscious people to contribute to projects. HSBC Bank gives a chance to bring good ideas into life by simply using green credit cards.

Medical Credit Deals

2008-04-07 03:35:26

Present days, medical and dental costs are really high. Do you happen to know that US consumers are now paying almost $1,500 more on their medical treatment in comparison with previous years? The truth is, insurance companies increasingly shift a larger portion of healthcare costs on patients. As a result, many people find themselves in a tight corner, as medical costs are really high and most people can't afford it.
That's where medical credit cards are just what the doctor ordered for people who need medical or dental treatment but cannot cover all the expenses right at once. Learn why more and more patients turn to special credit cards to pay their medical bills!


Fair to Average Credit Cards

2008-04-14 04:45:38

Oddly enough, most credit card articles highlight problems either for customers with bad or good credit only. And what about those whose credit rating is average? Their score is not so low, but still it is not so high to qualify for good and excellent credit cards. It's somewhere between.
On the one hand, their credit rating is not so favorable, on the other, it's not so bad either. But still customers with fair to average credit have all the chances to find the most appropriate credit card. Learn how to find the card with favorable terms and conditions if your credit rating is average!

Credit Cards in Sri Lanka

2008-04-21 04:57:22

If you were asked to describe the credit card of your dreams, how would you do that? Most probably, every cardholder would love to see low or no interest rates, more rewards, and no late fees on his/her credit card. For credit users in Sri Lanka, it's no dream, it's real. The ABC Barakah credit card issued by ABC Investment Limited comes with no interests or penalties for being late. On the one hand, this plastic is the one you can only dream about. On the other, it's not clear how banks benefit from cardholders. Is there any catch here?

Credit Legislation Hearings

2008-04-28 04:35:22

Like it or not, credit card industry has certain notorious practices that lead thousands of cardholders to serious problems, including heavy debts, enormous interest charges, not to mention penalty fees, and others. If you have ever experienced that, then you will probably support another reform in credit card industry. The Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights got its 101 sponsor, meaning that 334 members are still to make their choice. Probably, a great number of consumers would love to see this bill become a law. However, it's still not clear what consequences this bill may have. Though this bill proposes reforms that really matter for consumers, the implications of this credit legislation may be promising, as well as frightening.

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