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Credit Cards News Archive

News Archive: 2020

Credit Safety Systems

2008-01-24 05:01:12

The problem of identity theft at restaurants seems to be resolved! A new device has been designed by Verifone, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and National Bankcard Systems of Austin. This pay-at-the-table system was recognized as a win-win solution for everyone.
The point is, identity theft cases are not rare at restaurants and other dining locations. While the majority of customers prefer using plastics to pay for dinner, you can hardly find a person who likes when his or her credit card is out of sight. No one can guarantee that this smiley waitress will not copy your credit card number, and steal your personal data. Learn more about credit fraud solutions in places of public catering.

Credit Card Disclosures

2008-01-28 06:03:56

Year by year, Americans fall deeper into credit card debts. It's not news that most credit users make the minimum payment only. For some customers, carrying their balance from month to month appears to be the most convenient option. Meantime, the others simply cannot pay more than the minimum.
Creditors will have to disclose the information about the true costs of credit card minimum payments in the nearest future. The Credit Card Minimum Payment Notification Act requires lenders to add some essential points regarding the consequences of making minimum payments only to cardholders' monthly credit card statements. How do monthly minimum payments affect your family budget? Should you pay more and why? Read on for more information.

Credit Cards and Taxi

2008-01-31 06:46:51

Step by step, credit cards are becoming quite common for cash-oriented businesses. Present days, it's possible to pay for the ride in taxi with your credit card. Increasingly, yellow cabbies all over the US are being equipped with credit card machines that allow accepting credit and debit cards. While citizens enjoy the new service, taxi drivers are not so happy about these credit card machines in cabs. The cases are not rare when taxi drivers tell a whopping lie in order to get cold cash for their job. What are the true reasons of their discontent?


Travel with Credit Cards

2008-02-04 04:19:30

St. Valentine's Day may be awkward for loving couples. The choice of the right gift may take days and even weeks. If you look for something special for your dear one, your AmEx plastic may be rather helpful!
Get sick and tired of tedious chocolate candies and Valentine cards? What about a dream vacation in Polynesia, Tanzania, Buenos Aires, or Hawaii? On the 4th of February American Express launches an online auction where prices drop every 20 minutes. Make this Valentine's Day unforgettable with American Express Going Once!

UK Credit Crisis

2008-02-07 06:36:04

The Internet bank Egg took drastic actions in order to prevent credit card delinquencies of its bad debt cardholders. About 160,000 of its clients will soon receive a letter informing them about credit card cancellation.
Approximately 7% of Egg's clients will be shocked to discover they are deemed "high risk" customers. It means that in 35 days credit cards provided by Egg Bank will simply cease to work. The most frustrating thing about this action is that cardholders with excellent and good credit histories will face the same difficulties as the customers with spotty ones. How can it be? What's the point?

Credit Cards Selection

2008-02-11 06:42:27

Very soon the shower of credit card applications attacking your mail box or e-mail every day may become just reminiscences. Almost every experienced cardholder knows the cost of unsolicited credit offers. With the aim of capturing as many customers as possible, such card deals were sent to people indiscriminately.
In most cases your credit score and payment history did not matter and the fact that some customers may be unable to pay did not stop issuers. In the end lots of people came up with a gross debt and sometimes - with the need to file bankruptcy.
However, the credit crisis affected not so much credit consumers as card issuers themselves. Realizing that they may soon be incurring great losses, lenders are giving up some of their predatory practices.


Credit Card Decision

2008-02-14 07:10:18

It is estimated that most cardholders do not bother their heads with credit card comparison. Only a small percentage of cardholders choose between two or three cards. Some people tend to follow the advice of their friends and relatives. And some consumers make their credit card decision under the influence of colorful ads and alluring credit options.
The thing is, we lose money making credit card deals with not so favorable options, though our credit ratings enable us to get more opportunities. When filling out the first credit card application form that comes to your hand, you make a big mistake.

Credit Security Guard

2008-02-19 05:54:26

Present days, information is power, not to mention your personal information that may be used for committing fraud and various crimes. Statistics figures show that credit card fraud appears to be the most common form of identity theft. The ever-increasing number of identity theft victims proves that this problem is very serious.
According to the list of top consumer complaints associated with fraud, provided by the Federal Trade Commission, more than two hundred thousand consumers suffered from identity theft in 2007. Credit bureaus introduce their methods of fighting this crime.

Credit Card Profits

2008-02-26 05:13:40

After dramatic fed rate cuts, millions of cardholders sighed with relief. For banks, it's getting cheaper to borrow money, but what about credit cardholders? Unfortunately, thousands of cardholders found themselves in a no-win situation. Really, it's rather embarrassing to be notified by your issuer that your rates are doubled for no obvious reason. Interest hike is just one of the ways used by creditors to keep credit card profits.
Do you happen to know that businesses associated with lending are the most profitable ones? Lenders know how to make money, even if the economy slides down, and credit card delinquencies are on the rise. Read more about the actions major lenders take in order to cover the losses they bear.

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