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News Archive: 2020

Credit Cards vs Checks

2007-02-13 00:47:15

Credit card deals make up more than half of financial transactions carried out by today's consumers. If you are a person seriously concerned about your money, possible ways to improve its management and accumulate it, you most probably belong to a frequent and successful credit card deal maker.
It's true, checks are decaying and credit cards provide a well-deserved substitute for them. What can a credit card deal give you as against checks?

Credit Cards' Rates Changed

2007-02-16 07:11:23

Among the numerous methods of saving a credit card deal from bankruptcy or repairing your current credit score there is one that is imposed as an urgent measure by banks and credit card companies. You come to notice it when your credit card deal becomes more expensive for you as a result of its interest rate increased.

Canceling Credit Card

2007-02-19 05:32:50

Have you ever made a credit card deal that disappointed you? Have you failed in managing your best credit card which, with its low rates, no annual fees, 0% APR introductory periods and other credit incentives, was supposed to get you on the right financial track? Sometimes, it does happen even if you are eligible for a credit card deal with guaranteed online credit card approval.


Illegal Credit Card Deals?

2007-02-20 23:14:38

Bank of America, one of the greatest financial institutions and credit card issuers, is offering a new credit card deal but it is making a big stir. It is going to offer credit cards with online credit card approval for illegal immigrants. American citizens are actually stricken by the fact as these credit cards do not require applicants to have social security number which is a compulsory item to make a credit card deal.

Credit Cards in Excess

2007-02-22 07:40:40

What else can damage your credit score besides bad management on credit card deal, skipping or delaying monthly bill payments and exceeding the credit limit? Surprisingly enough but it?s the number of credit cards you hold at the same time. Best bank?s enticing credit card deals are such a temptation, you just cannot refuse the numerous online credit card applications for lowest interest, no annual fees credit cards, credit cards with rewards and cash back.

Credit Card Tart

2007-02-26 23:20:33

There are customers who like sweets like nothing else in the world. Those quick-witted pick plums out of the pudding and frequently shift between 0% credit card deals to maintain their credit card debt rate-free. And they have a suitable nick: credit tarts. Such clients come to about $2 billion a year to the financial industry.
Credit card companies answer them, just keeping them as customers, but lowering their fixed interest rates. The issuers give reasons to stay, for instance, they can reduce your interest rate for long-term relationship.


Building Strong Credit

2007-03-05 08:25:37

Obtaining credit card deals has a lot to do with your current credit history. Then there comes the point where it?s difficult to obtain that history. For example, as a young adult, you are exciting about building good credit, but how can you do so if you can?t obtain credit without good credit ratings to start with? While it?s difficult and often becomes a matter of trying until you are lucky, the credit card deals will happen.

Credit Cards for Teens

2007-03-12 00:59:18

Many parents allow their offsprings to handle credit cards as authorized users. While legally for taking credit card deals, teens are still to be 18, actually, the age threshold has lowered to 13-14 years old. Youngsters carry credit and debit cards, and some of them even have checking accounts. Should the children be educated about financial matters?
Certainly they should. As teens get their parents? credence, they try to follow the rules and around 80 percent of them pay their bills on time (most pay off in full). However, there are about 20 percent of those who fail to carry out credit obligations.

Credit Cards and Credit Bureaus

2007-03-15 06:12:22

In order to obtain good credit card deals, you do need to know who’s watching your credit score and how others find out about them. Credit bureaus are the agencies to keep in mind. They collect information about you and then send this information to the banks and credit card company that you apply for credit cards online with, as well as others that pull your report. There are three major CRA, or Credit Reporting Agencies which include Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.
To get this information, the credit bureaus get information from the credit card companies you have credit with. They also gather information from government agencies such as the case of having a bankruptcy. They use this to create a credit card history for you, which helps define your level of credit score. What’s in it?

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