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News Archive: 2020

Credit Card Debt

2007-01-25 13:00:00

Financial professionals are sure that credit card companies profit from consumers who are not totally informed of credit card terms and conditions. Credit card deals are teeming with interest rates, fees and other features from customers uncaring for the fine print.

Credit Overspending On Holidays

2007-01-25 13:05:00

It is common knowledge that holidaymakers traveling overseas spend more (in fact about $160 more) due to unnecessary and extra fees that are cause by using the wrong credit card. People usually fail to think beforehand what credit card deal will be less costly for foreign exchange and other transactions. So, let's look closer at this issue.

Verifying Credit Cards

2007-01-25 13:10:00

Credit cards are becoming an integral part of financial transactions conducted in great numbers every day. Credit card deals are being constantly made but even the best credit card companies' cards and their users are not protected from one of the most troublesome financial diseases - identity theft.
Are you on the way of applying for a credit card and making the best credit card deal? Then you should be aware of the possibility to become a victim of a special sort of criminal earning bread by using your personal data to get access to your accounts in banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions.


Credit Card Deal Cure

2007-01-29 18:17:26

Those who have become victims of identity theft really find themselves in great trouble. To get one`s credit card deal and credit history cured is not that easy and it takes much longer and harder to undo the mess than for criminals to commit the crime.
So, once you feel there`s something wrong going on with your credit card deal, for example, you are charged for things you never bought, you should take action immediately to minimize the damage of your credit and reputation as a credit card consumer.

Credit Card Deals to Take

2007-01-30 19:13:02

If we look at the numbers, and take an average household, almost all of them make 8 credit cards deals. At the same time, the number eight is nearly fundamental. And credit card debt of average household makes up around 8 thousand dollars. Consider also the 18 percent rate, what altogether sets them back practically 125 dollars monthly so they can`t pay out or put aside for anything else.
Being young and inexperienced guy or family woman, what number of credit cards should you choose? Most of the population takes too many credit card deals.

Credit Cards for Charity

2007-02-01 20:01:41

Some credit card companies offer charity credit card deals that aim to have features of a traditional good credit card with low fees and rewards. Charity credit card deals are winning popularity year by year, but still there are people who do not believe or realize they can really make contributions to many non-profit organizations.


New Ways of Identity Theft

2007-02-06 04:10:45

The thieves are always wide awake.
One of the foolish ways of credit card identity theft is when a person just falls for the bait. The rip-off then occurs in the following fashion: the cheater sham to be from the security and fraud service at a credit card company. Then giving his ID number, as if processing a fraudulent charge on your card, the person tells you your credit card number.

Facing Credit Pre-Approvals

2007-02-06 04:16:13

Bills, circulars, letters from friends and relatives, monthly bank statements and prescreened offers of credit card deals or loans are the daily contents of our mailboxes. Like it or not, most people are used to throwing out pounds of junk mail, others find their own interest in it and sometimes agree to some of the offers sent by mail.

New credit cards!

2007-02-08 01:27:48

Got interested in new credit card deals? is always in touch with the competent credit card sources, and we are happy to inform that has selected new credit card applications of 2007. performs customer credit education and allows people to compare credit cards using handy tools. The website provides credit card applications for many types of credit history. Those who are new to credit card sphere, can read financial articles and get a credit advice. recommends to choose credit cards purposely and read the terms and conditions of your credit card application.

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