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News Archive: 2021

Credit Crunch Problems

2008-11-27 03:47:58

Markets go down and economic anxiety index goes up. More and more people are highly concerned about the current economic situation, as credit providers hike interest rates and cut lending limits on most accounts. The so-called "revolvers", holders who carry their balances over time, used to be banks' most desirable clients. And, oddly enough, now these borrowers are being hit most during the credit crunch. Although the federal funds rate is just 1%, holders see their rates increasing and their spending limits slashed. Learn how to protect your credit during uncertain economic times!

Planet Hollywood Rewards Visa

2008-12-04 05:31:49

Let us be honest, we all like creative gift ideas during the holiday season. No wonder why Planet Hollywood and U.S. Bank launched the new Planet Hollywood Rewards Visa Platinum Card, a unique offer with generous rewards, at the end of November. This new card will be of great value for those holders who like exclusive rewards and by all means for Planet Hollywood guests, not to mention those shoppers who want to make the most of their rewards plastics. Want to know how this new rewards deal works? Feel free to do so - read on for more information!

Credit Help Services

2008-12-12 01:39:19

Lending providers and banks are designing new programs and improving the existing ones to help their clients reduce their debts and contribute more funds to their savings plans. Now that U.S. borrowers are experiencing troubles when paying their monthly bills and managing their finances, new programs and solutions will be just what the doctor ordered for them. Read on to learn more about new services, tools and rewards programs provided by banks and companies to help borrowers stay on top of their finances.


Credit Holiday Promotions

2008-12-18 06:35:25

For a vast majority of customers, Christmas is a great celebration that includes decorating, cooking, spending time with family or friends, and by all means shopping for the people you love. Thanks to the development of online shopping, you can avoid big shopping crowds. But how can you avoid overspending and big debts that appear soon after Christmas? Want to make your Christmas even more enjoyable this holiday season? Learn how you can make your holiday shopping more cost-effective with credit cards!

Store Credit Card Applications

2008-12-29 02:13:11

It's hard to imagine winter holiday season without big shopping sprees, great promotions and Christmas sales. Retailers do their best to attract more customers to the shops and offer really tempting discounts that boost sales. So, when you head to the register with an armful of purchases, you can be told that you can get a 10 or 20 percent discount by simply applying for the store's credit card. The following scenario is very common during Christmas holidays and most probably every shopper who has ever gone to retail stores knows this by their own experience. The offer sounds really great. But before submitting your application, take your time to read more about department store deals and their pros and cons.

Credit Card Reductions

2009-01-06 03:55:35

Year-end holidays are traditionally considered as the peak season for retailers. According to analysts, this winter holiday season happens to be the weakest in decades. The National Retail Federation has predicted a 2.2% sales growth this holiday season. It's the lowest increase in sales in the past six years. Despite the fact that the vast majority of retailers make the most of their profits during the Christmas season, retailers already report a sales drop. As for shoppers, they cut their holiday spending plans dramatically, almost in half of 2007. Lenders, in their turn, increasingly cut spending limits even when it comes for prime borrowers. Read more about credit reductions and their influence on retail holiday season.

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