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Top News about Credit Cards!

Check your first bag for free with Delta SkyMiles credit card from American Express

2010-06-07 00:00:00

Delta Air Lines waives fee for the first checked bag, and introduces more benefits for SkyMiles credit card holders.

Credit Card Choice

2009-03-11 02:58:49

No wonder why most customers have a complicated and frustrating relationship with their card companies. It can be a real challenge to make sense of confusing terms, fine print, heavy penalties and interest rates that can go through the roof "anytime" for "any reason". While credit cards are great financial tools that can help consumers smooth out uneven income patterns, their ease of use can also result in excessive, income-consuming debt burdens. While some cardholders may enjoy the benefits of rewards programs, others struggle instead to pay off massive debts. The question is, how to make the right choice and find the right card for your situation? Read more to learn how you can do this.

Smart Credit Card Use

2009-03-02 07:42:01

Let's be honest, we all want to get the most out of our credit card deals and stay on top of our finances as well. But now that we're in bad economic times and banks are tightening their standards, it's becoming more important than ever to be a responsible borrower.
In days gone by, borrowers could carry heavy balances or make late payments from time to time. But the economic situation has changed and consumers cannot help but feel the pinch of this financial crisis. Want to get smart about credit? Feel free to do so with our useful tips for the smart credit use.


Credit and Budget

2009-02-20 04:59:40

In some way, all customers are worried about their finances. People can worry that they spend too much, or that they will not have enough in future. We cannot simply ignore financial issues.
No wonder why money worries hit record levels amid financial crisis. In the last few years, consumers have been able to buy everything that they needed or wanted on credit. But financial situation has changed. Credit is no longer easily available and consumers have to tighten their belts to stay financially afloat. Good news is that you can still get good support from your credit issuer!

Rebate Credit Cards

2009-02-13 05:06:46

The power of rewards programs is great. These schemes stimulate buying and, according to the studies, customers report high satisfaction with rewards credit cards. As for companies, great customer satisfaction results in high levels of revenues. But now that the economy is deteriorating, banks and companies try to reduce costs. And the changes in the industry haven't gone unnoticed for credit card rewards programs - they have become more reflective of the current economic conditions. Read more about new trends in credit rebate programs.

Money and Credit Management

2009-02-06 04:42:59

The idea of an economic recession brings worries to millions of people all over the globe. The world that used to be so solid now feels like thin ice and no one knows what comes tomorrow. Financial crisis has instantly become the most burning issue, and even those personals, who never got interested in economics, try to keep track of economic events.
Consumers are affected so much because it is a massive group situation. Financial crisis is emotionally contagious, and we can hardly ignore it, but we can cope with it and, what's more, we can even change our lives for the better.


Credit Card Payment Plan

2009-01-29 05:45:45

According to the recent data provided by the Federal Reserve, late credit card payments that are 30 days late rose to 4.79% in the third quarter of 2008. It's up from 4.35 in the same period last year. Credit companies confront financial hardships such as high charge-offs and delinquencies and so do their clients whose wealth shrinks due to job losses and falling real estate. Increasingly, banks and loan providers start using special measures to assist holders in making their monthly payments. Read on to learn what measures are offered by the companies and how do they help consumers seeking for special payment plans.

Pay off Credit Cards

2009-01-19 03:36:26

The economy crisis is getting tougher on US credit cardholders. Increased unemployment and drastically reduced household incomes force consumers to wholly depend on plastic in everyday shopping. Consequently, many find themselves nearing the limits and maxing out their cards. If it were happening a year and more ago, you could find easy ways out of the maxed-out situation.
But as the current developments in the industry make issuers reluctant to give a hand of help, consumers get denied in new applications and see their limits slashed.

Home Improvement Credit Card

2009-01-15 02:44:14

Home improvement events are often associated with big expenses, some being unexpected and baffling. But a desire to redecorate your home according to the latest style trends makes you assign special funds or search additional sources of financing.
A great tool to help you in your home improvement attempts is a special rewards credit card which does not only provide with the money needed but also awards you points or cash back for repair-related purchases. So, when next time you go to a hardware store for home repair tools, make sure you do not forget to take your plastic.

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