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Get 100% Guaranteed Approval. No Credit Check.

View best prepaid credit card deals online brought to you by Enjoy 100% guaranteed approval with no credit check. Even if your credit isn't that great! Manage your spending, build credit, earn cash bonuses, pay bills, receive your pay, transfer money to your family and friends, and more. Find out what your prepaid debit card can do for you!

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If you are looking for an alternative to a credit card or a checking account; if your credit rating does not qualify you for a credit card with advantageous terms; if you want to minimize card costs or avoid the temptation to spend more than you have; or you have any other reason against a traditional credit card, prepaid debit cards will work great for you!

To apply for prepaid credit cards you don't need good or excellent credit. With no bank account and no credit check required, prepaid debit cards provide 100% guaranteed approval. This is especially valuable if you have bad credit, or no credit history.

Prepaid debit cards also help you control your finances better, as you can't spend more than you have. By spending only what you have pre-deposited to your account you easily avoid debt

Moreover, reloadable cards are free or inexpensive to get and use. Most of the prepaid cards have $0 activation fee, or even if it is as high as $10, it is still much cheaper compared to fees on credit cards for people with bad or no credit histories. Prepaid credit cards also have no interest charges, as there is no line of credit extended, there are no late or overdraft fees.

With prepaid Visa and MasterCard cards you can make payments online, over phone or in-store, and access your cash and at millions of ATMs worldwide. Use it anywhere MasterCard or Visa prepaid cards are accepted.

Prepaid credit cards are also a convenient way to receive your pay. Just set up a free direct deposit of your paycheck. Or use any other way to reload your card; locations for in-person deposits are numerous, you are sure to find one conveniently close.

Compare all prepaid offers on our site, choose one with features most relevant to you and apply today!

More to know about prepaid cards

You can build credit with your prepaid debit card. Is this something you are interested in? Then make sure the debit card you select offers this service.

Your prepaid credit card can help you build your credit when you sign up for Online Bill Pay, and pay your rent, utilities, phone, cable, insurance and other bills, your payment history is reported to PRBC, a national credit reporting agency. You can build your bill payment history, demonstrate that you have paid your bills consecutively on time for a certain period, and thus may prove your credit worthiness when you apply for insurance, housing, loan, etc.

If however to improve, rebuild or build your credit is your primary goal, credit cards may help you see achieve results faster. Depending on your current credit rating, view credit cards for Fair Credit, Bad Credit or No Credit History on our site.
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