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Buying Car Insurance
Deciding what features you need on your auto insurance is completely up to you. Do you need just to do what is required by the law or you want to protect yourself against unexpected financial blows - high medical bills, car repair or replacement, loss of income, or if you were to cause accident, paying for someone else's medical or car repair expenses, say nothing of compensating someone else's loss of salary. Keep in mind that getting more coverage is sometimes not as expensive as you think it is! Decide what types of auto insurance coverage and options you need and can afford, and what limits and deductibles will work best for you. And we on our side will make sure you have a good selection of offers and can get the cheapest deal on what you need!
Choosing Auto Insurance Coverage Types
Liability Coverage is required in the majority of states and protects you in case you were at fault in a car accident and caused bodily injury or property damage. This type of policy provides protection against lawsuits and helps you to cover the cost of the caused damages. Limits to liability coverage on your car insurance can be either single (bodily injury and property damage liability combined) or split.

Medical Payments Coverage helps pay for your medical bills and protects you and your family without regard to fault. If you have a primary health insurance, you might review terms once again, to make sure you have enough coverage in case you get in an accident. If your health insurance does not provide good coverage or you do not have one, then medical payments is a good option to consider adding to your auto insurance.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Coverage protects you against injuries and damage caused to you by a driver with little or no car insurance, or against hit and run drivers.

Coverage for Damage to Your Automobile protects your car against damages. Collision coverage option provides protection if you are involved in an accident and helps pay for repairs of the damaged vehicle or pays cash value of the automobile if it is not repairable. Comprehensive coverage (or OTC - Other Than Collision) protects you against damages from accidents that are not considered collisions, and do happen even if you a very good driver - falling objects, fire, theft and vandalism, flood, hail, earthquake, explosion, or animal accidents.

Additional Coverage options include personal injury protection that provides reimbursement for the loss of income, child care expenses and other related payments if you're hurt in a covered accident; towing (or roadside assistance) coverage; personal property (to cover damage to your personal items in a car, e.g. sound system).

Car Insurance Limits and Premium

Liability coverage limits - who can foresee what possible damage you would inflict if you were to cause an accident. If your payments to the injured party exceed your auto insurance coverage limits, how would you pay? Of course, the higher the limit, the more chances you get to cover all the damages. But it's all about the balance - to get higher limits with the amount of premium you can afford to pay on a regular basis.

Collision and comprehensive deductibles on your auto insurance, when high, do help you save on premium, but at the same time increase the amount you must pay if a loss occurs. To save on your premium, estimate what amount you would be able to come up with on short notice.

Collision and comprehensive coverage is optional, unless your vehicle is leased or financed, then it may be required. After your car is paid off, in order to save money on premiums you might cancel these coverages, but decide if the money you save on premium would be enough to compensate the risk, if you have to repair or replace your automobile.

Saving Money on Auto Insurance
  • When shopping for a new car, remember that usually a more expensive car means a higher premium.
  • Some insurers use car ratings, and can increase premiums for vehicles with higher risk of damage or occupant injury.
  • Ask about available discounts.
  • Consider increasing your deductible.
  • Drive carefully to avoid tickets and accidents - premiums increase after you have an accident and some violations might lead to increase too.
Available Car Insurance Discounts
Discounts on auto insurance you can qualify for depend on the type of car you own, your policy type and the state you live in. Contact your company to find out which ones you are eligible for.
  • Good Driving (for safe drivers with no moving violations)
  • Driver Training
  • Defensive Driving (for principal drivers 55 or older, and take an approved defense-driving classes)
  • Anti-Theft Devices
  • Passive Restraint Systems
  • Anti-Lock Brakes
  • New Vehicle Safety
  • Economy Car
  • Good Student
  • Senior Adult
  • Resident Student
  • Multiple Vehicle
  • Multiple Policy (if you have other policies with the same company)
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