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2008-09-29 05:54:42

New Credit Programs for Visa Business Cardholders

Visa, one of the leading payment systems all over the globe, has recently unveiled a new discount program for small business owners. Now the enhanced Visa SavingsEdge is available to cardholders carrying plastics issued by Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, and others.

This special discount program provides Visa Business credit users with great discounts on eligible purchases at reputable business merchants. If you are searching for the ways to reduce your company's expenses and extend the purchasing power of your plastic at the same time, enrolling in this Visa program can be a smart choice for you. Read more about this great discount program!

It's not news that business credit deals can be an effective financial tool for small business owners. If you are carrying a Visa business card, feel free to reap more benefits from your plastic money offer by enrolling in Visa SavingsEdge, the program that provides special discounts on services and products in the most popular merchant categories, like electronics, telecommunications, service, car rental, and others.

The most wonderful thing about this Visa program is that it gives credit rewards that really matter to small business owners. Just look at the list of merchants participating in this program - reputable shipping companies, electronic equipment providers, not to mention companies providing management services.

Through this program, you can get generous discounts on the purchases made with your Visa business plastic at participating merchants, including Alamo, Earth Link, Sprint, and many others. It's also worth to be mentioned that the payment company plans to add more merchant partners throughout next two years. In view of the fact that existing Visa business cardholders now have access to over 150 special merchant offers, the chances are businessmen will have even more tempting financial options in the nearest future.

And just like this, a single business plastic money deal can provide you the way to save even more on the purchases made at your favorite retailers. Want to make the most of your Visa business card? Feel free to do so by signing up for this special value-based program!

Fortunately enough, these days you can easily find the right business plastic money offer for your needs. Most of business card applications are available online, and you need just to shop around for the best rates and the suitable rewards program with which you can save lots of money on your purchases. You can find great offers with low interest rates and no annual fee, not to mention plastics with exciting rewards schemes and other additional benefits. Today, business plastics provide the way to run the company more effectively, to reap more benefits, and make the right business decisions.

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