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Survive the Credit Crisis Top News about Credit Cards!
2008-05-12 04:39:04

Credit Card Deals - How to Keep Financially Afloat?

The financial turmoil in global markets is not only a headache for economists and businesses - customers cannot help but feel the sting of the credit crunch too. More and more people have to turn to credit cards trying to make both ends meet. The number of credit card delinquencies is ever-increasing, the cost of living has gone up, the unemployment rate rose to 5.1% in March.

Card companies and banks face hard times, as the delinquencies hit all the records. For investors, this situation is not so attractive, that's the reason why creditors bear unbelievable losses. To recoup them, they become stricter to cardholders, especially to those who have problems with credit. Learn how you can survive the credit crunch and keep financially afloat!

Make payments on time. You should realize that now creditors need money badly, that's why they do their hardest to make as much as they can to stay in business. Ideally, they would be glad to receive money on time. Why don't you meet them halfway and pay your bills on time? This way, you can avoid heavy credit penalties like increased interest rates and pretty high late fees.

Emergency credit cards. During a credit crisis, an emergency fund will be your lifesaver. However, having one plastic that should be used in case of emergency only is a good idea regardless of the economic situation. Emergency credit cards will help you cover unexpected expenses, so even if you lose your job, you'll have enough money to cover living expenses until you find a new job.

Fix your score. Even those customers with good credit may face serious troubles, not to mention those whose credit is far from ideal. Oddly enough, bad credit cardholders happen to be the most vulnerable consumers to the credit crunch consequences.

Lenders treat bad score customers like high risk cardholders. The chances are not so big that they will be able to pay off their debts when the economy is weak. What can be done about it? Take steps to fix your score - do not make late credit card payments, and try to keep your debt/credit ratio low. Typically 30% is the most preferable ratio. When you are going to apply for a new credit card, make your choice carefully.

Eliminate your debts. If you tend to carry a credit card debt, it may cripple in hard times of economic recession. One late payment may cost you dear, as paying off your debts when your interest rates go through the roof is getting much more difficult.

Try to get your debts under control. Besides, there are a few methods that can help you eliminate your debts. It mostly depends on your situation. While some customers manage to settle their debt problems without professional assistance, the others whose debts are too heavy, cannot cope with debts on high-rate credit cards. In this case, you may consider credit debt consolidation, or credit card counseling, and other services that help customers get their debts under control.

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