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2007-12-13 23:04:28

Are Credit Card Thieves So Generous to Contribute to Charity Funds?

That's definitely a disaster to find out that your plastic was stolen. And some credit cardholders are highly concerned about this problem. Credit card thieves happen to be extremely tricky, and one can hardly expect that thieves will be so kind-hearted to donate to charity funds. Don't cherish hopes that modern credit card thieves are so generous to donate thousands of stolen dollars to charity in order to support those who are in need. In fact, fraudsters do this for another reason. Let's find out the true motives of credit thieves!

Just imagine, your credit card is lost or stolen. What will you expect? Thousands of dollars may be spent on that very card. And it's quite reasonable, as credit card thieves won't call you apologizing for credit card theft. It's worth mentioning that when a plastic is stolen, it's still usable until you notify the bank about it.

The thing is, you may not even notice the loss, and a thief can make unauthorized purchases on your card, spending thousands of dollars until you and your bank realize the fact that your plastic is in wrong hands. And what do you say to the cases when thieves make charitable contributions using stolen cards?

No, credit scammers are not so merciful to make contributions to the Red Cross and other charitable foundations. It's just a new trend in identity theft.

Have you ever heard about carding? This term is used to describe the process of verification the validity of stolen plastics. Normally, carders try to be extremely cautious while doing this, and as a rule they verify the cards using the Internet. They charge relatively small sums in order to escape the attention of banks.

Carders need to know for sure whether this card is usable or not. Otherwise, they won't be able to sell it. The least dangerous way to check plastics is to charge money for something immaterial. Web site subscriptions or charitable donations will be just what they need.

First of all, they don't require a certain amount of money, you may charge any sum you like. Besides, it's a good way to stay unnoticed for banks that monitor suspicious credit card purchases. As for charitable donations, they are not made so often in comparison with other credit card transactions. That's why it's rather hard to determine the legitimacy of these transactions.

It must be said that credit scammers happen to know enough to come in out of the rain. In the past, they used special computer programs known as "generators". They produce a sequence of credit card numbers and then test them to see whether they were valid or not.

Present days, they explore new opportunities, and it's no surprise why they use charitable donations for checking credit cards. The amount of credit purchase should not exceed the limit of plastics.

Observers point out one positive thing here, i.e. at least a portion of the money stolen comes to some good cause. All in all, one should be extra vigilant when it comes to unauthorized purchases on credit cards.

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