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Rebuilding Credit History Top News about Credit Cards!
2008-08-25 05:24:12

Credit Card Deals to Improve Your Score Rating

The recent study of over 350,000 card users found that a vast majority of people using low-limit plastics improved their score rating. According to the study, 35% of cardholders using plastics for limited history managed to improve their scores within a two-year period. Meantime, over 60% of users fixed their scores and were awarded with better terms like higher spending limits and lower interest rates.

It's not news that a cardholder who has just started using plastics and whose score is relatively low can find a card for his/her needs. Fortunately enough, there are several companies out there which can offer specially-designed products for subprime cardholders. Learn more about this!

Statistics figures show that almost 70 million card users happen to be in the subprime category. It means that their credit scores are low due to some reason. Good news is that nothing in this industry lasts forever, so even if your score is not that high, it's in your hands to improve it. The question is, how you can do this?

Plastic money deals for limited payment history come as the right solution for those who intend to establish a solid score rating. Why these deals? The great thing about these plastic money offers is that they have features and options that meet the requirements of applicants whose goal is to build good credit history. So, if your score is low, your plastic will be of great help.

First and foremost, most companies issuing plastics for limited history report to major credit bureaus, so you may rest assured that your credit achievements will be regularly reported to agencies which collect and collate information about your financial affairs. According to the survey, more than 60% of customers increased their score by 40 points when carrying plastics for limited history. And it speaks volumes about low-limit plastics.

Although bad/no cards come with extra fees and low spending limits, they appear to be a lifesaver for those people who struggle to get access to credit. Anyway, they happen to be a very effective credit building tool. The key point is to know how these plastics work and pay a close look at ongoing interest rates and fees.

Anyway, if you have no history and you want to establish it, be ready to pay additional fees, like an annual fee or a set-up fee. Luckily, some credit companies offer really great deals to those who want to build credit, and you can find the best plastic online for you. Just try to determine which card suits your personal needs most - whether you intend to carry a balance over the time or you would like to use the plastic from time to time. This way, you can either apply for the card with low interest rates or with moderate fees or even none.

You can also consider secured credit cards for building or re-building your score rating. These plastics generally give more generous spending limits because they're secured by your deposit. All the more so, they also report to credit bureaus, so you may be sure that your efforts are not in vain.

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