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2007-07-12 05:52:40

How Far Can You Go With Good Credit Card Deals

Finding the right credit card travel rewards program can be very hard work. Yes, the marketplace is very crowded with travel rewards programs all over the place. And yes, your typical Internet search will reveal countless programs offering a wide variety of options. However you should not get disheveled over the wide variety of credit card deals that are available.

You just need to do your research on credit card deals and travel rewards in order to determine which the best deal for you is so as to maintain your excellent credit and allow you get the most out of the deals that you are looking for.

Think Huge As You Choose a Card

You need to determine if you are a frequent flier or if you just make a lot of purchases.

If you fly a lot then you will want frequent flyer credit card deals so as to get the most out of your travels. In most cases these cards will provide you with the ability to redeem your rewards for free airline tickets so as to keep you as a loyal customer to the airline and the credit card deals that they provide.

You may simply be interested in a rewards program that does not require flying. This is where you will be given points or rewards for using the credit card that they provide to you so as to keep you loyal and give you the best credit card deals. In many cases these points can be redeemed and used for things such as prizes and perks, or you may even get a catalog from which you can redeem your points for certain items.

Annual Fees/ low APR Airline credit card deals tend to have an annual fee. This can be from $75 on up, and you'll generally need to charge more than $8,000 on an annual basis to get back your fee.

Many of cash-back rewards program cards don't have the annual fees of the airline cards. They also tend to deal with a variety of different airlines and frequent flyer credit card deals.

You'll also want to consider a program's low APR if you tend to carry a balance on your credit card deals.

Travel Restrictions While the cash-back card may provide you with more airlines and have smaller fees, the drawback is that many of these cards will have travel restrictions. That means you will only be able to travel on certain dates and to certain destinations. You should also plan well in advance when taking advantage of any of the rewards programs.

Whether you choose an airline card or a cash-back card, you need to carefully scrutinize all of the small details to determine which the best credit card deals there are for you.

Points per Ticket Another key item is how many points you need in order to earn a ticket with your rewards program. Most cards require 25,000 points to obtain a ticket. However, some may automatically give you rewards program points up front when you open the account. There are also some programs available that grant you double points when you purchase plane tickets. There are actually quite a few programs that use different formulas to determine points required per ticket to be redeemed on your credit card deals. These items may be the deciding factors in your credit card deals and rewards programs decision:

What's the economic health of a particular airline and its credit card program? If an airline goes down, will your travel points go with it?

If you're a frequent flyer, make sure that your card is from an airline that flies out of the nearest airport, and that the commuter flights they work with are part of the program as well.

You may prefer certain airline amenities with your credit card deals over the others (seats are more comfortable, flight attendants are more pleasant, etc.). So make sure you research and choose wisely.

Make sure you look into all of the different options that are available as well as what is out there to provide you with a comfortable and safe ride as well as meeting all of your needs in credit card deals.

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