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Green Credit Cards in Asia Top News about Credit Cards!
2008-03-31 03:56:50

Green Credit Card Deals Hit Asian Markets!

More and more customers all over the world give preference to "green" ideas, including green plastics that have become so popular among cardholders in the US. This spring, green credit cards will win the hearts of Asian consumers, as HSBC Bank has a special offer.

Hong Kong cardholders will be able to make credit card applications in early April. HSBC launches the card that allows environmentally conscious people to contribute to projects. HSBC Bank gives a chance to bring good ideas into life by simply using green credit cards.

For American cardholders, green plastics are quite common. Though, there are not so many green credit cards on offer, many customers are concerned about environmental problems and apply for these cards in order to support certain funds and organizations.

Meantime, Asian consumers treat these credit card deals like something new. The chances are big that green credit cards will be a success. HSBC green credit cards will enable thousands of consumers to participate in various environmental projects. To be more exact, credit card donations will go toward HSBC Green Roof Schools program.

It must be said that these plastics will be made of environmentally friendly materials. The card issuer will use electronic bills in order to cut down paper consumption. According to the card's scheme, the sum of 0.1% of the credit card purchase will be contributed to the setting of green outdoor classrooms for students in selected Hong Kong schools.

Speaking of other benefits of this card, it's worth mentioning that this green credit card will come with existing credit card benefits. All the more so, customers will be able to take advantage of the purchases made at the merchants that specialize in environmentally friendly products and services. So this credit rewards program supports those people who are highly concerned about environmental problems and would like to contribute to a meaningful cause. This card will help save money when doing shopping at certain locations.

A special guest at the official ceremony of card launching was Leonardo DiCaprio. Hollywood star promoted environmental protection. He cited his own environmentally-friendly car and a solar-powered house. Being environmentally-conscious, he was impressed by this initiative of HSBC, one of the leading banking organizations in the world.

Credit card applications will start in early April. The HSBC reps pointed out that green credit cards will help to tackle environmental problems, as they encourage customers to make a green mark. Cardholders of green plastics will be able to help the environment in a simple way, by simply using their credit cards.

Green ideas seem to become more and more popular all around the world, and the appearance of green plastics in Hong Kong proves this fact. Being environmentally conscious happens to be not so difficult if you have a green credit card in your pocket. It's really heartening to realize that you are doing something meaningful by swiping your plastic.

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