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2007-05-31 02:26:28

Maintaining Good Credit to Get Credit Card Deals

If you wish to obtain good credit card deals, with low APR, great terms and no fees, then you need to maintain good credit, something thatís not always taught to us. While you may have been given advice on just about every other facet of your life, it is unlikely that anyone taught you how to maintain good credit, how credit works or even how to know what type of credit you have.

The good news is to get the best credit card deals, you need to maintain credit using some of the most simple and common things.

Steps to Credit Card Deals: Pay on Time

The first thing that you need to do is to pay your bills on time. Failing to pay on time is the biggest factor in creating bad credit for yourself. If you donít pay at all, you are sure to have bad credit but paying late is almost as negative a reflection. One way to help yourself to make credit card payments on time is to use automatic payments.

You can also use the web to help you. First, you can apply online, then manage your credit card company bills through online bill pay methods. If you do forget to make a payment, make sure to contact the creditor quickly and make that payment. You should never ignore your credit card company notices or phone calls as this only makes it worse.

Next, consider making a strong payment history. If you have bad credit, chances are you have a string of non payments or late payments, which are the most common items reported on your credit history. You have control over this by simply making your payments on time. Yet, another key to a good credit history, is establishing a pattern of paying off your debts over time.

One way to credit a good credit history that will help you to apply online and get great credit card deals is to use a credit card to pay for your day to day expenses and then to immediately pay them off. Record them in your checking account as you go, so you wonít spend more than you can pay off.

Another important point is to limit yourself to just three or four credit cards. This gives you the flexibility that you need, but also provides you with perks and benefits that many of the credit cards have such as reward points, cash back, reward programs, and other credit card rewards. But, it doesnít allow you to hurt yourself with too much credit spending.

Along with this, you need to keep yourself from mazing out your credit cards. The percentage of credit available is something that creditors look at when you apply online for credit cards. If you are overextended, which means you have spent near or over your credit limit, this is a bad thing that will cost bad credit itself. Keep balances at less than 30 percent of whatís available on the credit line. Try to not go over 60 percent either as this is a sign that you may be dependant on credit.

When you are considering a new credit card deal, you should consider several key things. While you want to have great things and you will want to compare credit cards, you donít want to apply online or through other means too much.

The national reporting agencies do keep track of those inquiries into your credit which includes credit card company inquiries, potential employers, utility and insurance companies and others. It will be reported on your credit report.

Too many of these inquires within a short amount of time does make for a bad credit card score. While you want to get the best credit card deal, doing this too much will have creditors thinking that you are desperate for credit.

You should also watch your credit report. A good credit history does take time to make happen, but monitoring your credit report allows you to monitor it for errors as well as stops you from getting the best credit card deals later on. Many, if not most, credit reports have errors in them.

When you want to have good credit card deals that will help you to create a good credit history, monitor whatís happening with your credit all of the time. This includes when you are looking for new credit or not. By taking the time to fix errors and to make good judgments during the credit card company search, youíll establish a good credit history.

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