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2007-03-19 05:20:25

Unsuitable credit card deals are like epidemic

You are a wealthy customer with a thick wallet? Then, you've certainly received invitations to make a credit card deal with best banks and credit card companies presenting you with best reward credit cards like Airlines credit cards or Cash back credit cards. Judging by your current credit score, income and financial background, the creditor offers you to make a credit card deal with no fees and lowest rates possible and sends you a credit card application form by mail.

But do you really need new credit card deals at the moment? Maybe, you've already obtained the best credit card for your spending habits and lifestyle and another credit card deal would be just out of place. Unfortunately, too few American credit consumers realize that a heap of credit cards, even if they are best credit cards like cash back credit cards or lowest APR credit cards from Visa or MasterCard, bring more harm than good.

To make things worse, credit card companies, self-profit most naturally, are continually tossing 5 billion un-asked-for credit card applications, in other words - pre-approved credit card applications and many people are unable to resist. They offer you to make the best credit card deal with them and mail you an application form with your personal data already there. You only need indicate your address and phone number and put your signature, thus giving consent.

However, there is a core of sense with some more credit educated individuals and once they get a mail offer to make a credit card deal, they get rid of it. But the way they turn down the credit card offer doesn't save them from an unwanted credit card deal made and what's more doesn't guarantee the security of their personal information.

So, what usually happens when you receive unsolicited credit card offer? You tear it to pieces but, as experience shows, that is not good enough!! The growing number of identity thieves looking to make good at a person's credit card, can be a real risk to your credit rating and reputation as a credit card holder on the whole.

Just imagine, a fraud walking about your trash, digging through it, and suddenly finding the pieces of your credit card application? What would he most naturally do? Right! He would put it together, write in his address and telephone number and sent it back to the credit card company.

And, no matter how absurd it might be, the thief will get his card!! A credit card issuer will readily accept any credit card application with any signs of life. They hardly pay attention to the credit card application form taped or to dubious address as this permissiveness gives them additional work - dealing with fraud.

Admit it, that it involves more staff into the credit card industry on the on hand and on the other allows creditors to make money on debt management plans you resort to as a result of using a credit card in your name.

Thus, an armful of credit card deals offered to you in the mail are in all cases more profitable deals for your creditor but not for you. When you make a credit card deal, you start spending with your credit card and pay interest and other charges on it. When you refuse a mail credit card offer, there's still a high risk of your creditor getting it taped by a fraud and again - they have a job.

As a conscientious and responsible credit card holder, you need to realize the possible outcome of such a light treatment of unwanted credit card application form and should obliterate the papers with no single piece remaining of it.

Making a new credit card deal should be a deliberate process, with close credit card compare and the right credit card choice. With a mail credit card offer, you are deprived of such a prerogative but online credit card applications which are much more convenient and secure really allow you to make the best credit card deal.

It is a matter of awareness that mail credit card offers, especially unsolicited being a high risk for your credit capabilities that should move you to burn the mail credit card application form - not just tear it!!

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