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Figure Skating Credit Cards Top News about Credit Cards!
2007-11-26 04:24:51

Make Credit Card Deals That Support U.S. Figure Skating!

Credit card companies do their best to invent a new credit product that will win the hearts of credit cardholders. Nowadays, there are so many reward-oriented credit users. They seek for plastics with the best reward programs rather than for tedious fee-free credit cards. Moreover, present credit users tend to choose credit cards that fit their lifestyle best. Affinity credit card deals have become a breakthrough in credit card industry. These credit cards give you an excellent opportunity to support a good cause you believe in. If you are a figure skating fan, you will definitely like a new affinity credit card that supports the programs of U.S. Figure Skating.

It's worth mentioning that affinity credit cards are extremely popular, as they allow demonstrating your devotion, let's say to a certain kind of sport. A good example of such cards may be football credit cards that have been launched a couple of months ago.

Good news for fans of figure skating! The partnership between U.S. Bank and U.S. Figure Skating has resulted in a new credit card offer, i.e. the U.S. Figure Skating Visa. This affinity credit card will give back to U.S. Figure Skating with every purchase you make on your card.

This card will be a good choice for the members of U.S. Figure Skating as well as for numerous fans and enthusiasts. The cardholders of this card can choose the design they like most of all, i.e. the logo of U.S. Figure Skating, figure skates or lovely Snowplow Sam.

Actually, figure skating credit card deals are rather beneficial and you are likely to find the perks to your taste. These cards imply no annual fee, and zero percent rates on purchases and balance transfers for 6 billing cycles. Pay special attention to this option, as generally credit cards have zero percent introductory rates either for purchases or for balance transfer, but not for both.

Among the other features of these cards, you will find 100% fraud protection and free online access to your credit account. It's very convenient. So, you can easily manage your credit card. High credit lines and travel accident insurance make this card especially attractive. Take advantage of a concierge service that will be of help for making dining reservations and gift arrangements.

Making figure skating credit card deals, you may also count on various rewards programs, including cash back, rebates on merchandise and airline tickets. Support your favorite figure skaters, and those who take first steps in this sport!

Applying for this card, don't neglect to read the terms and conditions. It's a good rule of thumb that protects you from misunderstanding of various essential points. Keep in mind, your credit card history is also of great importance. So, check your credit score to ensure yourself that you are eligible to make these credit card deals.

All in all, U.S. Figure Skating and U.S. Bank have great expectations for these credit cards. Small wonder, figure skating is extremely popular in the United States. And judging by the achievements of American figure skaters, we must acknowledge the fact that our skaters are really talented. And figure skating credit cards give us a good chance to support this sport.

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