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Entertainment Credit Cards Top News about Credit Cards!
2008-06-23 05:03:23

Enjoy Endless Possibilities with Entertainment Credit Deals!

If you have an impeccable credit profile, and your income is big enough, you can make your life even more exciting with entertainment plastics. Present days, you have all the chances to find a fantastic rewards program to your liking! Isn't it tempting to carry the card every feature of which reflects your taste and personality? It surely is. However, it may not be so easy to qualify for such cards. Let's take a closer look at entertainment credit offers presented by major credit card companies and find out what's so special about these cards!

By all means, entertainment plastics differ much from regular cards used by average consumers. Most credit offers with unique credit rewards programs generally have no spending limits so that you are not restricted in the amount of money spent, and thus rewards earned.

Among entertainment plastic money deals, credit offers from such companies as Chase, American Express, Bank of America can take your breath away. You can find plastics for golf-lovers and other sport fans, cards for cigar-lovers, for people who cannot imagine their life without art, for families and for those who like movies. Get rewarded for being yourself is definitely great!

Take for example the Live Broadway Platinum Visa credit card from Chase. You can earn rewards that can be redeemed for theater tickets, and Broadway trips. This credit offer is a perfect choice for musical lovers. All the more so, you can benefit from a zero APR and a variable low interest rate on your card.

With the Regal Entertainment Group Platinum MasterCard, you can earn 4 reward points for every dollar spent at Regal Entertainment Group theatres, and 1 point for any other purchase made with the card. The great thing about this offer is that you can receive 2 free movie tickets with your first purchase.

Looking for some extraordinary experiences? You can save a round sum of money with your American Express credit card when planning a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood Orlando Resort. Become a tastemaker in New York City and save a pretty penny at premium eateries, including Nobu 57, Mizu Sushi, Estiatorio Milos, and others.

Much to cardholders delight, there are entertainment credit offers for families. You don't have to bother your head about upcoming vacations, if you carry Six Flags Platinum MasterCard or Disney Rewards Visa. First and foremost, these cards allow accumulating more points on eligible purchases. All the more so, these cards give great discounts on merchandise or food at participating locations. These cards are ideal if you want to spend a great time with your family or friends.

It's worth saying that credit card application for these can be more time-consuming compared with a regular one. You should present more detailed information concerning your credit history, your past credit activity, and your purchasing power. There's a belief that these cards come with a high annual fee. Not always that! By all means, it depends on the card but you can easily find the card with fair rates and no annual fee that will reward you for being yourself!

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