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Credit and Scores Top News about Credit Cards!
2007-04-04 01:34:28

You buy best credit card deal with scores...

Everything has to be paid for, it's a general rule. And though the best credit card deals are intended to give you money (thought by many, especially, teens, as free money) you still appear the one who pays. No matter what credit card you apply for, be it a good credit card or a credit card for bad credit, a student credit card with lowest interest rate or a no annual fee credit card for business, you are inevitably imposed various charges.

But, besides the charges on the credit card itself, there's one more thing for you to pay if you mean to benefit from your credit card deal in the full. It is the credit score, a numerical record in your credit file which shows how reliable you are as a credit consumer. You build your credit score through credit management, and your credit efficiency as well as other information collected by the credit bureau changes it to the better or worse.

Now, when you are going to make a credit card deal online or offline, your credit score will be the determining factor in the creditor's lending decision. Whether you go to American Express, Discover or Bank of America, you'll be required to provide the credit score kept by one or all of the credit bureaus.

That's where you start financing your credit card deal! As, contrary to the widely aired claims that getting credit score is free, the credit bureau is sure to charge you. They give you exact numbers even! Applying and getting a credit score from one credit bureau will cost you $14.95 and from all three - $44.85.

It would be wise of you as a credit consumer to apply for credit score from all the three major credit reporting agencies -Experian, TransUnion and Equifax as bigger lenders would want to have as much information about you as possible.

Are you going to make a new credit card deal to better manage your home budget or other finances? Your credit bureau is the first place to go and you're strongly advised to do it a year or at least several months before you apply so that you have time to improve or erase negative factors affecting the score.

As a skillful and sensible credit consumer, you need to know what categories constitute your credit score (also called FICO score) and how they influence its status. You will definitely want to know what items to work at when it comes to improving the score in order to insure your credit application approval.

Well, let's analyze your credit score. As a matter of fact your credit score consists of the following points in your credit report:

The length of credit history;

Payment history (how regularly and responsibly your repaid credit);

The amount of the credit applied;

Applying for new credit (making new credit card deals);

Types of credit applied.

Your FICO credit score is calculated and its status is determined based on these constituents through a special calculation method. The status of your credit score affects both, the credit limit available to you at the moment, and the credit terms, such as interest rates, fees and other charges.

The better your FICO credit score, the better term credit card deal you make. Always remember, that any negative information, caused for example, by a late bill payment, remains in the credit report for seven years, dropping your score.

Do not get frustrated or panic when you're suddenly denied a credit application because of your credit score. You can always turn to credit experts whose job it is to educate you on various strategies of raising FICO scores.

There are always lots of ways to improve your credit score and creditors are always ready to give you a hand of help as a credit valuable credit consumer feeds the whole credit industry and provides for its survival and flourishing.

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