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2008-01-24 05:01:12

Credit Card Deals - Say No to Identity Theft at Restaurants!

The problem of identity theft at restaurants seems to be resolved! A new device has been designed by Verifone, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and National Bankcard Systems of Austin. This pay-at-the-table system was recognized as a win-win solution for everyone.

The point is, identity theft cases are not rare at restaurants and other dining locations. While the majority of customers prefer using plastics to pay for dinner, you can hardly find a person who likes when his or her credit card is out of sight. No one can guarantee that this smiley waitress will not copy your credit card number, and steal your personal data. Learn more about credit fraud solutions in places of public catering.

When we come out for dining, the thing we least expect is that our personal information will come into the wrong hands. Day by day, we hear about new cases of identity theft. The statistic figures look really scary, the FTC reports about 250,000 cases of identity theft. The question is, how can we protect our credit cards from the fastest-growing crime?

You may be surprised to learn that over 50% of all credit card information is lost at restaurants, and other dining locations. Though the problem is much more complicated than tricky waitresses.

Increasingly, restaurants try to keep up with the pace of time and up-to-the-minute technologies prove to be a powerful weapon against fraudulent activities associated with credit cards. All in all, customers would like to be sure that their good credit cards won't come into the hands of crooks.

The system of table-side payment is believed to become customary for the restaurant business in the nearest future. This revolutionary system implies a wireless terminal that allows making transactions right in front of the customers. So, don't be shocked to see a waiter with some device in his hands, when it's time to pay for dinner with your cash back credit card.

It must be said that not only customers may take advantage of this system. It's also very beneficial for the staff, as it's easy and convenient. The whole process takes mere seconds, as the speed of processing is almost instantaneous. Besides, it simplifies credit card processing when several terminals are used.

The designers of this unique device suppose that this system will spread into the other spheres of business as well, for the advantages of this credit card processing system are undeniable.

Nevertheless, the appearance of this table-side system happens to be very timely, as restaurants were highly concerned about the problem of identity theft. The point is, the owners of restaurants appreciate the use of credit cards. It is estimated that customer paying with plastics, spends much more than those who pay with cash.

This way, retailers kill two birds in one stone. First of all, they assure their clients that their dear cards are fully protected, and attract more and more customers using plastics. And just like this, a brilliant invention prevents the possibility of the notorious identity theft at restaurants.

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