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2008-12-12 01:39:19

Credit Companies Help Holders Cut their Debts and Save More!

Lending providers and banks are designing new programs and improving the existing ones to help their clients reduce their debts and contribute more funds to their savings plans. Now that U.S. borrowers are experiencing troubles when paying their monthly bills and managing their finances, new programs and solutions will be just what the doctor ordered for them. Read on to learn more about new services, tools and rewards programs provided by banks and companies to help borrowers stay on top of their finances.

A recent survey held by Wells Fargo has showed that 40% of households are highly concerned about their credit debt obligations and what's more, they would like to save more when paying off their debts. That's why Wells Fargo has unveiled a new debt pay down solution through which borrowers can reduce their debts faster and easier. A good example of this commitment can be the cash back card that allows you to use the rewards earned to pay down your balance or contribute them to your savings or checking account.

Good news is that Fidelity, the company providing financial and investment management services, has also introduced a new rewards program with which holders can earn two points per dollar spent. The rewards earned can be swept automatically as a contribution to any of your Fidelity account. The company also plans to boost cash back rebates on some of its other cards in early 2009.

Interestingly but in recent years, most leading companies and banks have launched educational or money management tools that help clients stay on top of their finances. Take for example, the Paydown Planner introduced by Discover. With the help of this online tool, you can figure out your current financial situation and change it for the better. In what way?

No need to hunt for your statements and waste your time, all you need is just log in and your account information will be uploaded automatically. Want to reduce your balance? With the Paydown Planner, you can easily explore the ways to attain your goal. By choosing the right approach, i.e. a monthly payment or a paydown target day, you can work out the plan. It's a really valuable tool as it enables a holder to plan everything and make all the necessary calculations beforehand. When making simple choice, like the period of time during which you plan to pay your balance down, the amount of your outstanding balance, etc., you can evaluate your situation, as you plan will be calculated automatically.

All the more so, you can review your spending history and make adjustments to your plan if you are not satisfied with the initial result. The great thing about this tool is that it's so easy-to-use. With the help of the Paydown Planner, you can make a realistic plan in mere minutes and find the right balance transfer deal to pay off your balance with no stress.

Companies realize that it's in their interest to keep their good clients as long-term customers, that's why they launch and improve more programs and solutions that help consumers make smart financial decisions even now that lending companies have tough times.

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