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Credit Cards vs Checks Top News about Credit Cards!
2007-02-13 00:47:15

Gain more financial power with credit cards and give up checks!

Credit card deals make up more than half of financial transactions carried out by today's consumers. If you are a person seriously concerned about your money, possible ways to improve its management and accumulate it, you most probably belong to a frequent and successful credit card deal maker.

It's true, checks are decaying and credit cards provide a well-deserved substitute for them. What can a credit card deal give you as against checks?

Nowadays credit cards come in all shapes and variations allowing you not only to make payments with convenience but also save up when spending. As compared to checkbooks, the best credit card deals, offered online in great numbers nowadays, suggest numerous incentives which draw more and more customers, making them give up check writing. Thus, check writing practice has been considerably subsiding and credit cards make up more than half of all non-cash payments in 2007.

With the rise of credit card deals allowing online credit card approval and with the development of electronic check processing which is much more convenient and faster, the Federal Reserve has withdrawn a greater part of check-processing department. In 2003 more than half of all check processing centers were closed and by the end of 2008 there will be only 18 of them at best.

Even though more and more checks are being scanned and converted into electronic payments, they still yield before credit cards and the reason for it is obvious. Apart from the convenience of making payments, the best credit card deals praise you for good credit management and give you something for your spending.

Today best banks and credit card companies such as Visa and MasterCard, American Express and Chase Bank are ready to offer you numerous rewards credit cards that give you points for spending or cash back credit cards that give you some of the purchase price back. So, isn't it an incentive enough to make a thorough credit card search and apply for a credit card to spend and gain at the same time. Especially, when you're always provided with the latest credit card offers online with their detailed description and online credit card applications.

We aim to give you the most objective information on the best credit card deals online so as you can make a credit card comparison and choose a credit card you qualify for and like most.

So, what are the most burning credit card offers for today?

Well, if you find American Express as the best credit card company to make a credit card deal with, you can consider its most noteworthy Blue Card with its free rewards program and cash back option. Making a credit card deal with American Express, you save on airline, hotel or car rental. With the AmEx Blue you can save up to 5% cash back on purchases and accumulate points to redeem for a free airline ticket. Thus, traveling with the AmEx Blue credit card becomes extremely easy due to no blackout dates and travel restrictions.

You have to remember though that the Blue is issued for good-to-excellent credit consumers, so you are to have a good credit history and a high credit score to be approved for this particular credit card offer.

Chase bank doesn't fail to keep up with American Express and allows you to make a credit card deal with most suitable for you terms. Among the Chase bank latest credit card offers are Chase Platinum Visa, Chase Platinum MasterCard and Free Cash Rewards Platinum Visa. Chase credit card deals are meant for different credit consumer categories, so you find consumer credit cards, credit cards for students and businesses - all designed for good or excellent credit only.

But what if your credit management leaves much to be desired and is in need of repair? What is your credit card deal in this case? You are welcome to scrutinize the offers from Orchard Bank and make use of one of bad credit cards which offer you low APR, low annual fee and the minimum beforehand cash deposit of $200 if it is a secured credit card. orchard credit card deals are sure to help you rebuild and establish a strong credit history as long as you for your bills in full and on time.

And now, can you still say that check writing is the right thing for your finances? What else does it give you except for the ability to make a non-cash payment? We've listed only a few of the best credit card deals available today online, so, it's up for you now to decide what serves you best - a checking book or a credit card.

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