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Credit Cards for Charity Top News about Credit Cards!
2007-02-01 20:01:41

Donating to Charity With Credit Card Deals

Some credit card companies offer charity credit card deals that aim to have features of a traditional good credit card with low fees and rewards. Charity credit card deals are winning popularity year by year, but still there are people who do not believe or realize they can really make contributions to many non-profit organizations.
So, let's get the sense of credit card deals for charitable causes.

What are they for?

Many people nowadays would like the idea to donate to support a wildlife protecting organization or an orphan children fund. But very often the best of intentions end in constant postponing for another day that rarely comes. Charity credit card is a convenient means of helping who ever and how much you want without worrying about that. You just choose a credit card matching your needs and requirements and start spending.
Affinity credit cards bearing the name and logo of a particular charity are named after the bond between a charitable advocacy or other non-profit organization and a credit card company. They can be either for exceptionally members or donors of the organization, or for any volunteers, and are issued by credit card companies under agreements worked out with individual charitable organizations.

How do they work?

Charity credit cards work like cash back credit cards, but instead of you receiving the cash back or points, the fund or some other non-profit organization will receive the donations. The amount of a donation can be taken in two ways. It can be a percentage of the amount spent on each purchase. In other cases, no matter how big or small your spending is, the donated amount will always be the same. The knowledge that you help more or less every time you spend instead of simple spending turns out to be stimulating for many people and helps some of them not to feel guilty like after a normal spending. With a charity credit card, card holders are safe in the knowledge that their money is going to a good cause, while also benefiting from the security, features and flexibility of a good credit card.

How to choose a credit card deal for charitable causes?

Before sending an application, driven by the best of your intentions, you should think over the credit card offers for charity causes presented by banks in the market. Be attentive and mind it that affinity credit cards are different in terms of how the charity benefits and the terms of credit agreement, so you should read the terms & conditions of each credit card deal before applying. Usually, the charity receives a certain percentage of each purchase or a certain amount every time you use the card. Money can also be sent every time a new customer signs up for a card or as a part of the annual fee for the card.
You should be well informed about the way donations are processed and sent, which is supposed to be described in the promotional literature in detail.
Make a side by side comparison of fees and charges, APR and interest rates and sets of additional services the existing credit card deals provide, so as to choose the most profitable credit card.

If you really want to be involved into charitable programs of the US non-profit organizations, surf the Internet for new information and look it up at the official sites of the banks. Among the well-known issuers of charity credit cards there are Bank of America, American Express, Chase bank and others.

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