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Credit Cards and Taxi Top News about Credit Cards!
2008-01-31 06:46:51

Take a Taxi Ride Using Credit Cards!

Step by step, credit cards are becoming quite common for cash-oriented businesses. Present days, it's possible to pay for the ride in taxi with your credit card. Increasingly, yellow cabbies all over the US are being equipped with credit card machines that allow accepting credit and debit cards. While citizens enjoy the new service, taxi drivers are not so happy about these credit card machines in cabs. The cases are not rare when taxi drivers tell a whopping lie in order to get cold cash for their job. What are the true reasons of their discontent?

You can hardly argue with the statement that using credit cards is really a convenience. Whenever and wherever you go, it's really nice to realize that your dear little plastic will be accepted at any place, even if you take a short trip across town by taxi.

But still we hear from time to time the complaints of credit users whose plastics are not accepted due to some reasons. Actually, this situation with taxi drivers resembles the familiar problem with convenience stores and gas stations where small credit card purchases are associated with high transaction fees.

However, taxi drivers have their reasons to resist accepting plastics. It must be mentioned that last year they went on strike twice in two-month period, mostly because of those very credit card machines that allow accepting plastics.

What does this mean for drivers? First of all, taxi drivers lose the portion of their income that comes to credit card processing fees. Besides, the evidence is great that riders will tip less if paying with credit cards.

Taxi riders have recently discovered something new in yellow cabbies, i.e. a set including passenger information screens, credit card readers, and interactive map. Though credit card machines have been installed in order to help riders, there was an adverse effect of these changes. Some riders ended up paying twice with a card and cash.

Taxi drivers turn out to be so imaginative to tell lies when it comes to credit card acceptance. Credit card machines get suddenly broken, or the ride is too short to pay for it with a plastic. They are ready to find any pretext and stand to their guns. No credit cards, just cash!

However, some savvy cardholders find the proper solution. If you are too busy to argue with a driver and you intend to pay the fare with your business credit card, tell that it's all you've got. This is a surefire method to resolve this problem.

Still, it must be said that the number of discontented cabbies decrease day by day. And it's no surprise in view of the fines that will be issued to those drivers who refused to accept plastics. In truth, they are quite big, between $150 and $350. Most probably, taxi drivers would like to avoid these fines, and credit card processing systems installed in taxis will soon be quite a common scene for American riders.

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