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Credit Card for Individuality Top News about Credit Cards!
2007-03-27 07:01:58

New credit card deal - new image...

The 1990s became a turning point in the credit card industry when MBNA, today part of Bank of America, introduced new credit card deals attracting credit consumers by such innovation as an individual style for a credit card desired.

It's little wonder that with a notable slowdown in the credit card industry, credit card companies are forced to work out new approaches to raise or at least keep the number credit card deals made.

As it is, even the best credit card deals for reward credit cards or credit cards with cash back available online and allowing online credit card approval, are not a rarity already and customers are becoming more fastidious in credit card search and choice.

Thus, it has become a burning issue for credit card companies - how to attract and maintain more clients. Among the most primitive incentives to gain more customers have traditionally been attractive introductory rates and fees but as experience shows, they are not forever. Money lenders just cannot afford keeping rates and fees low as they feed them and provide for commercial success in fact.

What creditors can afford doing and are actively implementing is a special, individual appearance of the plastic which is meant to realize your dream about what your credit card should look, feel or even smell!

And this miracle has become possible with such financial giants and credit card issuers as American Express, Bank of America and Chase Bank which individual style credit card deals have boosted the number of online credit card applications completed.

If you apply for "Butterfly" credit card from American Express, you'll obtain a silver case connected to a key ring. Its transparent "Blue", which initiated the major concern for surge in credit card design, is also in great demand among credit consumers and, as a result, more frequently used for making purchases.

Making one of Bank of America credit card deals, you are appealed mostly by credit card images of your favorite hobbies, animals, sports teams or universities.

Now, we call attention of science fiction fans who carry credit cards with them. Chase is offering credit card deals for outer-space themed "Battlestar Galactica" credit card and is really making a hit with cardholders by identifying them as "Galactica Fleet Members."

On carrying out research, we ascertained that as compared to regular credit cards' incentives like low interest rates or rewards, the individual appearance for your plastic provokes more stable interest to a certain credit card and thus contributes to the flourish of credit card industry.

And no wonder! Just look at the examples of credit card unique designs and you will no doubt get obsessed by the idea of obtaining one.

At present, Versatile Card Technology is involved into creating sample designs to distribute to merchants and banks and among the dozens of stylish credit cards already manufactured is a credit card model smelling like coffee in addition to 90 other aromas. A perfume-scented credit card is also the nearest future of the credit card industry.

It is also great that the introduction of new and stylish design for credit cards on the one hand does not mean the weakening of security measures on the other. Innovative Card Technologies are currently concerned with security developments and are meaning to strengthen them and create a credit card displaying recent credit card transactions.

Suchlike credit cards are already available to credit consumers but you should realize that in general they are about 25% more expensive to manufacture and so the price for these credit cards needs your close consideration. If you know you can afford it, then apply without hesitation!

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