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2007-09-17 02:03:13

Disposable Numbers Protect Credit Card Deals from Internet Fraud?

There are a great number of disposable goods that worked up consumers market. What do you say to disposable credit card numbers? Actually, it's a great invention for those people, who like online shopping. If you have ever tried this, you certainly enjoyed the ease and convenience of making purchases online, not to mention the delivery to the door. The bad news is that hackers are keeping pace with high-tech industries and their activity has deplorable results. The good news is that credit card issuers do their best to protect their clients from internet fraud. And one of the ways is disposable credit card numbers that protect your credit card deals from identity theft. How do they work?

Disposable or virtual credit card numbers are one-use numbers for making online purchases instead of your actual credit card number. What for? No credit card user wants to become a victim of hacker tricks. That's why we prefer not to shop online out of caution. This virtual number eliminates a possibility of hacker fraud. Even if they get your virtual credit card number, it will expire next time. So, there's no value for them.

The disposable number is good at one web site where you make purchases. Besides, it's valid for a limited period of time - for a month or two. To receive this number is not a problem. They are offered by major credit card companies.

However, for some credit card deals it may have disadvantages. Let's say you want to purchase airline tickets or make hotel reservations with the disposable number. The point is that you need to provide a credit card when you pick up the tickets and check in at a hotel. It's clear that you simply cannot do that for your actual credit number is different from the matching one. Frequent online shoppers may also find it inconvenient. Next time when you decide to make a purchase online it won't be valid.

Anyway, you can take general safety precautions in order to minimize an opportunity to suffer from internet fraud while doing shopping online. First of all, make certain that the web site uses an encrypted site for transactions of your payment information.

Make regular observations of your credit card statement, all transactions must be authorized. In case you feel something fishy, get in contact with your credit card company and clear up all the problems. Alongside with high-tech hackers there are criminals who are ready to scavenge for the papers with your personal information like bills and credit card statements. Some experts recommend destroying these papers with a paper shredder.

So, if you want to escape identity theft, it is up to you to choose protective measures. A disposable credit number is just one of them. And by the way, credit card users find it very effective.

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